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HIST3805 Geo-Informatics in Archaeology Prerequisite: HIST1801 and HIST2801 This course focuses on geo-informatics and its applications in archaeology. Geo-informatics is the science and technology of the acquisition, processing and application of information with a geographic or spatial component. The course will cover the entire process of collecting geo-infomation and transforming this into a geo-information product like a visualisation or a decision support system.

HUMN2702 African and Caribbean Women Writers Interdisciplinary This course is intended as an introduction to prose fiction by women writers from West Africa and the Caribbean. The course is not directed exclusively at specialists in literature or women’s studies.

HUMN2703 Quest for Caribbean Identity Interdisciplinary This course explores the treatment of the overlapping concerns of racial, cultural and national identity in the Caribbean novel.


Level I

HUMN1001 Critical Foundations in the Arts Creative Arts - History, Theory & Criticism This course introduces students to the arts as a mode of inquiry. It seeks to enrich the student’s understanding of the arts and the experience of the arts. It uses an interdisciplinary approach, which provides the basic knowledge and skills necessary for advanced study in the arts. Students learn the vocabulary, terminology and methodology of the arts paying particular attention to issues of aesthetics in art criticism, history and theory.

HUMN2801 African Writing and its Oral Context Interdisciplinary This interdisciplinary (French and English) course provides a general introduction to the oral aesthetic which underpins all African contemporary cultural forms. The course will therefore introduce students to the main forms of traditional orature - ritual, praising, epic, proverbs, storytelling - both for their own sake, and to demonstrate the way these provide the ground for a specifically African aesthetic. Because traditional orature is inseparable from performance, filmed dramatisations will be as important as written text.

Level III

Level II

HUMN2301 Caribbean Literature and Political Ideology Interdisciplinary This interdisciplinary course will introduce students to the connectedness between selected Caribbean prose fiction texts and aspects of political ideology in the Caribbean.

HUMN2302 Literature and the Colonial Encounter Interdisciplinary This course examines literary and dramatic responses to the colonial experience with reference to selected texts.

HUMN3001 Aesthetics, Theory and Criticism - (6 credits) Prerequisite: FILM2000 or THEA2002 Creative Arts - Semester I & II This is a two-semester course, which provides a theoretical and methodological context for advanced critical study and practice of the arts. Part one presents an introduction to primary issues of aesthetics and the philosophy of art and examines the critique of traditional aesthetics; part two focuses on the application of theory and methodology to criticism and interpretation of the arts. The course also examines central questions in Caribbean arts and aesthetics.

HUMN2603 Caribbean History, Culture and Identity Interdisciplinary This course examines what it means at present to have a ‘Caribbean identity’.

HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies - (6 credits) Faculty Requirement - Semester I & II In the final year of their degree programme, undergraduates reading for the BA are required to investigate some topic relating to the Caribbean, and to report the results in the form of a paper,


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