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Caribbean languages, such as French Creole and Spanish. The word formation processes at work, in addition to the semantic shifts and extensions found in multilingual Caribbean Creoles will be examined, as they relate to the further chronicling of the Caribbean lexicon.

LING3006 The Making of Caribbean Glossaries Prerequisites: LING3005 (and some knowledge of either French or Spanish). This course will focus on preparing students to produce basic glossaries of Caribbean languages under specific topics geared to their interests, such as music, dance, sports, etc. by introducing them to the basic principles of chronicling language, with specific reference to Caribbean languages. Reference skills will be developed through looking at relevant semantic concepts and through practical exercises.

LING3102 Teaching English as a Foreign Language Prerequisites: LING2101 and LING3103 This course will focus on the approaches and methods used to teach English as a second language. This course will evaluate current methodology and explore methods and approaches that are appropriate for different age levels. Emphasis will be placed on developing basic interpersonal communication skills and cognitive academic language proficiency in learners of L2, and the focus will be on developing oral and written communication and reading abilities.

LING3103 The Teaching of English Prerequisites: LING2102 This course will focus on theoretical and practical considerations of teaching English to native speakers in a formal setting. Emphasis will be placed on the relevance and appropriateness of methods of teaching the language. The relevance of grammar instruction to the development of writing abilities will be explored and special emphasis placed on the methodology of grammatical instruction in the language programme.

Creole language structure. It examines the linguistic structure of the Creole continuum and pays attention to the structure of non- Creole Caribbean languages.

LING3202 Creole Linguistics Prerequisites: LING1001, LING1002 and LING1005 (or LING1401 and LING1402) This course begins by dealing with the validity of the term, Creole, the phenomenon of creolisation. It goes on to look at de-creolisation in the context of theories of language change and language acquisition. It finishes by examining the impact of Creole language studies on general linguistic theory.

LING3301 Pragmatics of Discourse Prerequisites: LING2007 The goal of this course is to provide students with practical experience in analysing natural discourse used in everyday contexts so that they may understand better how speaker intent is encoded in language. The course also addresses how both linguistic knowledge and socio-cultural background knowledge may interact in interpersonal communication (whether spoken or written) and how these factors assist in discourse interpretation.

LING3501 Social and Linguistic History of the Caribbean Prerequisites: LING1005 and HIST1004 This course is designed to introduce students to the historical factors that account for the social and linguistic profile of the Caribbean. It looks at the relationship between migration and language as a general human phenomenon, presenting historical examples from Europe and Africa to demonstrate this relationship. It looks at the history, social organisation, languages and cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. It goes on to look at the society.


LING3201 Caribbean Dialectology Prerequisites: LING1001, LING1002 and LING1005 (or LING1401 and LING1402) This course takes an in-depth look at the socio-historical background and development of Caribbean dialects and languages. It provides detailed description and analysis of contemporary Caribbean

Level I

LITS1001 Introduction to Poetry The study of samples of poetry in English from various cultures and periods designed to promote an understanding of how poetry works and competence in practical criticism.


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