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LITS1002 Introduction to Prose Fiction An introduction to the history and development of, as well as critical concepts necessary for analysing, prose fiction.

LITS1003 Introduction to Drama An introduction to the study of drama with emphasis on the process of translating text into performance. Students will be introduced to the basics of dramatic theory and criticism and given an overview of the historical development of drama.

LITS1005 Writing About Literature An introduction to the fundamental concepts of literary criticism that aims at the cultivation of critical skills. The primary goal is the provision of the tools necessary for confident, self-conscious critical analysis and experience in writing about literary prose, drama and poetry. In addition to text-based and other critical perspectives, the course addresses matters of style and referencing. This is a very practical course that will examine samples of actual student writing.

Level II

LITS2001 Poetry I Prerequisite: LITS1001 A survey of canonical poetry written during the Renaissance and Neo-Classical periods, focusing on some of the following poets: Wyatt, Sidney, Ralegh, Spenser, Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert, Marvell, Milton, Dryden and Pope.

LITS2101 Novel I Prerequisite: LITS1002 A survey of the ‘rise of the novel’ in the eighteenth century that explores some characteristic forms and concerns of early prose fiction in English.

LITS2102 Novel II Prerequisite: LITS1002 A survey of representative nineteenth century novels with attention paid to literary and social developments from the Regency to the late Victorian periods.

LITS2117 American Novel Prerequisite: LITS1002 A survey of canonical American texts from the mid-nineteenth to twentieth centuries with attention paid to the literary and social developments of this period.

LITS2118 African-American Fiction Prerequisite: LITS1002 An examination of the major movements of African American literature, including the Harlem Renaissance and the Modernist phase. Beginning with an examination of the links between African American texts and African oral traditions, it explores ways in which canonical African American fiction responds to significant cultural and political developments. The main genres selected are the slave narrative, the short story and the novel, but important plays, poetry and non-fictional work will also be considered.

LITS2002 Poetry II Prerequisite: LITS1001 A survey of canonical poetry written during the Romantic and Victorian periods, focusing on some of the following poets: Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Elizabeth Browning, Robert Browning, Arnold, Christina Rosetti, and Hopkins.

LITS2005 Chaucer Prerequisite: LITS1001 An introduction to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and the Middle English language in which he wrote.

LITS2013 Milton Prerequisite: LITS1001 An introduction to Milton’s most important works, including Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes.

LITS 2201 Drama I Prerequisite: LITS1003 After Shakespeare: a survey of key texts and developments in post-Renaissance drama.

LITS2202 Drama II Prerequisite: LITS1003 The modern era: a survey of key texts and developments in 20th and 21st Century drama, including the emergence of West Indian theatre.

LITS2203 Shakespeare I Prerequisite: LITS1003 An introduction to the comedies and histories.


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