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LITS2204 Shakespeare II Prerequisite: LITS1003 An introduction to the tragedies and romances.

LITS2207 Introduction to Shakespeare Prerequisite: LITS1003 Level II - Drama - Semester II A survey of Shakespeare’s works.

LITS2209 Renaissance Drama Prerequisite: LITS1003 An introduction to the historical period, its theatrical forms, and the crucial connections which exist between the drama and the politics of the time.

LITS2306 History of Criticism Level II - Critical Theory - Semester I An introduction to the foundations of critical theory/aesthetics by surveying the historical development of the field from the Classical period to the early twentieth century.

LITS2502 Caribbean Women Writers Prerequisite: LITS1001, LITS1002 and LITS1003 An exploration of a selection of Caribbean women’s writing in English to determine whether it is possible to generalize about the subject matter of their texts and the ways in which this material is articulated.

LITS2514 West Indian Literary Classics I Prerequisite: LITS1001, and LITS1002 and LITS1003 An introduction to a range of West Indian classics across the genres. Some of the authors covered are: Brathwaite, Walcott, Rhys, Lovelace, Mais, Anthony, Shinebourne, Harris, Selvon.

LITS2516 West Indian Literary Classics II Prerequisite: LITS1001, and LITS1002 and LITS1003 This course complements LITS2514 West Indian Literary Classics I, ensuring that students achieve knowledge of a range of regional writing by recognised authors. It includes six representative works in various genres in order to foster generic and inter-textual cross-fertilization.

LITS2307 Modern Literary Theory Prerequisite: LITS2306 An introduction to several schools of Continental philosophy and critical theory (chosen from Psychoanalysis, Marxism and Phenomenology) of particular relevance to the Caribbean as well as Feminist, Post-colonial and African American thinkers who have engaged with these schools.

LITS2603 Creative Writing: Poetry A workshop course in the writing of poetry in which students are required to write regularly and to submit new pieces of their work at least once a fortnight for discussion.

LITS2604 Creative Writing: Prose Fiction A workshop-based course focusing on the attributes of the short story, through reading, practical exercises and writing.

LITS2403 Caribbean Popular Culture An examination of a range of popular culture forms within Caribbean society, including popular song, Caribbean film, music video, graffiti, the political speech, the sermon, cartoons, the popular press, performance poetry. LITS2404 African Prose Fiction A survey of selected examples of African fiction.

LITS2801 African Writing and Orality An interdisciplinary introduction (French and English) to the main forms of traditional orature – ritual, praising, epic, proverbs, story telling – that aims to provide the grounds for a specifically African aesthetic. Filmed dramatizations will be as important as written texts.

LITS2499 Drama and Theatre Arts - (6 credits) An exploration of a range of plays from a practical point of view, that is, plays as scripts for performance, not just as texts to be read. [equivalent to two semester-long courses and worth 6 credits]

LITS2501 West Indian Literature This course familiarises students with a selection of ‘canonical’ Caribbean literary texts, their context and critical reception.

LITS2901 Literary Research Methods This course is intended to provide students of Literatures in English with the skills necessary to achieve the requisite standard for research papers in this discipline. The research paper in literature requires not only familiarity with critical and theoretical approaches to the literary text, but also the ability to use library and online resources, as well as to organize ideas and document sources in accordance with accepted academic practice.


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