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PHIL3807 Philosophy of Mathematics The course is designed to enquire into the concepts of and justification for the principles used in mathematics. The prime question in philosophy of mathematics concerns the status of the subject which can be split into four sub-questions: (1) How do we know that our mathematical theories are true? (2) What is mathematics about? In other words, if a mathematical statement is true, what makes it true? (3) Are mathematical truths true by necessity, and, if so, what is the source of this necessity? (4) How is it possible to apply mathematical truths to external reality, and in what does this application consist? The objective is to initiate students into thinking about these questions in a systematic and consistent way.


Preliminary Level or Option for Foreign Language Requirement

PORT0101 Beginners’ Portuguese A The goal of this course is to develop in participants receptive and productive skills that will enable them to use the target language effectively to communicate with native speakers in various social contexts. Classroom activities will be based on real life situations. Reading materials include themes like art and culture, economy and industry, tourism, geography and the evolution of Brazilian society, with emphasis on its history and culture.

PHIL3901 Ethics II: Meta-Ethics This course is a sequel to Ethics I, and is a reflective examination of first-order ethical decision and judgements, and it is, therefore, referred to as second-order ethics or meta-ethics. It looks at issues like the nature of moral judgements and enquires whether they express genuine beliefs, and whether they can be objectively true.

PHIL3902 19th Century Continental Philosophy This course, however, concentrates on the 19th century period of Continental Philosophy where five post-Kantian philosophers along with the originators of phenomenology occupy a central place: namely, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Brentano and Husserl. The course is designed to initiate students into the intricacies of their thoughts and their impact on the subsequent development of Continental Philosophy.

PHIL3903 Metaphysics All sub-disciplines of philosophy share certain problems about what ultimately exists in the universe. Consideration of such issues constitutes the province of metaphysics. The course aims to provide students with an understanding and means of tackling questions about what there is in reality and how the world works. The following topics are among the issues discussed in the course: appearance and reality, substance and identity, causation and laws, universals and particulars, space and time.

PORT0102 Beginners’ Portuguese B Prerequisite: PORT0101 The course is designed to further develop receptive and productive competence and to provide further input for sociolinguistic fluency in Portuguese. Students will be presented with cultural input which will allow them to advance beyond routine situations and equip them for competent interaction in the target community. Themes include popular art forms, folklore, traditional festivals, creative arts, entertainment. Brazilian popular music, carnival rhythms. The course also looks at contemporary Brazilian literature and writers.

Level I

PORT1001 Portuguese Language IA Prerequisite: PORT0102 The course is designed to further develop receptive and productive competence in Portuguese Language and to provide enough cultural information for social as well as linguistic performance. Students will be provided with a content base and language skills to advance them beyond routine situations and survival purposes and to equip them for competent interaction in the target language community. Themes include: Travelling, ways of transportation, use of the telephone, posting letters, searching for a house, having a bank account, looking for employment, education, cinema and theatre.

PORT1002 Portuguese Language IB Prerequisite: PORT1001 This course further develops the objectives of PORT1001 and students will examine contemporary Brazilian writers.


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