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Level II

PORT2001 Portuguese Language IIA Prerequisite: PORT1002 This course will enable students to improve language performance by providing them with content that is relevant to situations in which they must express their points of view. Emphasis will be placed on the acquisition and use of a wider formal vocabulary as opposed to vernacular language. Materials used will focus on Brazilian cinema, women in Brazilian literature, the creative arts, and Brazilian popular music.

PSYC1012 Introduction to Developmental Psychology This course introduces students to developmental psychology, a scientific study of the physical and psychological changes that occur in human organism from conception till death. It focuses on the nature of development and scope of developmental psychology. Some of the major principles governing human development, research methods and western approaches to unravelling developmental issues will be studied. Emphasis will be on the theoretical basis underlying human development across the different cultures.

PORT2002 Portuguese Language IIB Prerequisite: PORT2001 This course seeks to increase the students’ knowledge of more specific vocabulary as well as sharpen their ability to express abstract thought in the language. Students will engage in analysis of social, economic, historical literary and scientific issues.

PSYC1013 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology This course will introduce Psychology students to basic research methods and statistical analyses. Students will receive hands-on experience of data collection and analysis. Students will learn to analyse data using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Students will conduct an empirical research project and will produce an APA-format report of the research.


Level I

PSYC1003 Introduction to Psychology This course provides a broad-based introduction to the study of adult human thinking and behaviour. You will be provided with an introduction to some of the major theoretical perspectives and key thinkers and findings in the various branches of psychology. By the end of the course you should be able to summarise and criticise the key theoretical arguments in relation to each of these branches so that you have a sound basis for progression to courses in Psychology at Levels 2 and 3. [Note: Now a Social Sciences course - from 2008-2009].

PSYC1008 Introduction to Sports Psychology This course introduces students to the study of human behaviour in the context of sport and physical activity. The course will enable students to explore the effect of the interaction between individual differences and socio-environmental factors on the Caribbean sportsperson. Students will be guided in the application of psychological theory to the examination of exercise and sport performance.

PSYC1015 Historical Issues in Psychology This course investigates the major paradigm shifts within psychology and attempts to provide students with the critical skills necessary to evaluate theories of psychology within their historical, disciplinary, social and political context. Hence, it seeks to enable students to understand how psychology has developed as a science and also to critically evaluate the assumptions, procedures, and issues which have concerned and still do concern psychology as a science.

Level II

PSYC2003 Physiological Psychology The relationship between neuro-biological processes and psychological processes is examined. The course focuses on the organisation of the nervous system, the role of the neurobiological process in sensory experiences, sleep, attention, arousal, motivation, emotions, learning, memory and language. Both experimental and clinical data are considered.

PSYC2004 Personality Theory I The psychological approach to personality. How is personality defined and measured: a comparison of selected theories in personality (e.g. Erikson, Freud, Rogers). A central issue is: the relationship between the social environment and personality formation.


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