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PSYC2008 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Prerequisites: This course is designed to introduce the field of cognitive psychology, which is the study of the mental representations and processes involved in the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of knowledge. Several of those representations and processes, including attention, memory, concepts, and language will be reviewed.

PSYC2009 Learning Theory and Practice Prerequisites: PSYC2012 or EDPS1001 or PSYC1003 This course is designed to present the main features of theories of human learning and to place them in their appropriate historical context. As the course progresses links between learning theory and educational practice will be examined.

PSYC2012 Developmental Psychology Prerequisite: PSYC1003, PSYC1012 This is designed to help students understand the physical, social and psychological development of an individual from birth to the factors that shape behaviour from birth to old age. [N.B. This was formerly a Faculty of Social Sciences course]

PSYC2014 Statistics and Research Design II Prerequisite: PSYC2010 This is a core course for students registered on the major route in Psychology and, in conjunction with PSYC2010: Statistical and Research Design I, provides a preparation for PSYC3011 Research Paper in Psychology. The course introduces students to advanced quantitative methods and statistical analyses, and also introduces basic qualitative approaches to research.

PSYC2018 Social Psychology of Sports & Exercise Prerequisites: PSYC1003 and PSYC1008 This course introduces students to the scientific study of the interactions of people in sport and exercise environments. It will provide an overview of the study of kinesiology behaviour from a psychosocial perspective as a forum for the examination and discussion of the ways in which groups of persons in sport and exercise settings exert influence on others. Social psychological factors will be examined in relation to competing athletes, coaches, exercise and recreation activity participants, special populations, support staff and spectators operating in the context of physical activity.

PSYC2022 Developmental Psychology II: From Conception to Adolescence Prerequisite: PSYC1012, PSYC1003 or PSYC1007 This course is designed to present the main features of human development; prenatal and postnatal development. The principles of hereditary transmission, the genetic and environmental factors that may affect the fetus and the human organism before and after birth will also be considered. Emphasis will be on the physical, psycho motor, cognitive, moral, social and emotional development of human organism from neonatal stage through infancy to childhood and adolescent stages.

PSYC3004 Experimental and Applied Psychology Students acquire basic skills in psychological experimentation and an understanding of how psychological concepts can be applied towards solving human problems. Experimental work will emphasize theories and concepts obtained from psychology courses previously or concurrently taken, showing the value and implications of experimental work in psychology.

PSYC3006 Philosophical Psychology Psychology attempts to explain such phenomena as perception, cognition emotion and language learning. The goal of the course is to find out how such tasks are accomplished by psychology, with an emphasis on its theoretical tenets and methodology. The objective is to enable students to sort out the various ways in which philosophical assumptions appear in, affect and illuminate psychology and conversely, how psychological insights impress on philosophical problems and positions.

PSYC3011 Research Paper in Psychology (for Psychology Majors only Year-long (6 credits)) Prerequisites: PSYC2010 and PSYC2014 A project to develop students’ capability in formulating research theme, data collection and analysis from a psychological perspective. Students will be required to investigate a current issue in Psychology and present same as a Research Report. The Report shall not exceed 10,000 words.

PSYC3013 Contemporary Issues in Social Psychology This course emphasizes the linkages between social psychological theory and social issues. It illustrates how social psychological theories and/or principles (for example, equity theory, dissonance reduction, prejudice etc.) can be applied to help understand and solve problems. [This is a Faculty of Social Sciences course].


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