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Level III

PSYC3014 Industrial and Organizational Psychology This course explores the applications of psychological theories and concepts to problems encountered in work environments with special reference to the Caribbean.

PSYC3016 Research Project in Psychology (for Psychology Minors only) Prerequisites: PSYC2010 or PSYC2014 A project to develop students’ capability in formulating research themes, data collection and analysis from a psychological perspective. Students will be required to investigate a current issue in Psychology and present same as a research report. The Report should not exceed 5,000 words.

historical background, the profession of clinical psychology; an overview of diagnosis, assessment and intervention models; some speciality areas of clinical psychology and ethical issues and current trends in clinical research and practice.

PSYC3032 Psychology of Ageing Prerequisites: PSYC2022 or PSYC2012 This course introduces the student to changes that occur in behaviours in the adult years. Building upon the understanding of the developmental process gained in PSYC1012 and PSYC 2022, the Psychology of Ageing extends the scope across the life-span. The developmental perspective explores the adult years in two broad contexts: the physical and biological changes that occur with age and the psychological adjustments that are evident in the adult years.

PSYC3017 Personality Theory II Prerequisite: PSYC2004 This course examines personality theories, personality characteristics including traits, aptitudes, values, style and interests, the role of personal factors, biological and environmental influences on personality. Definitions of personality derived from classical and modern theorists are examined. Emphasis is placed on primary sources.

PSYC3018 Forensic Psychology Forensic Psychology is the study and practice of psychology in criminological and legal contexts. In this course students will be introduced to the key areas of forensic psychology including detection and assessment of offenders, psychological processes in the courtroom, victimology, and cognitive failures in recall.

PSYC3028 Theory and Practice of Counselling Psychology Prerequisite: PSYC2004 and PSYC2012 This course introduces students to the discipline of counselling and provides a foundation in fundamental counselling skills for students considering entering the helping professions. It also aims to encourage students’ self-exploration and personal development.

PSYC3030 Introduction to Clinical Psychology Prerequisite: PSYC2004 and PSYC2020 This course is designed to introduce students to the major aspects of clinical psychology. The course reviews clinical psychology’s


Preliminary Level or Option for Foreign Language Requirement

SPAN0101 Beginners’ Spanish I This course is designed for the student with little or no background in Spanish. It seeks to develop command of the essential elements of the Spanish grammar as well as basic communicative competence.

SPAN0102 Beginners’ Spanish II Prerequisite: SPAN0101 or PASS AT CXC This course is designed for the student with some background in Spanish. It seeks to develop mastery of the more difficult elements of Spanish grammar as well as greater communicative competence. To foster the development of more fluent speech various communicative activities will be employed.

SPAN0103 Beginners’ Spanish III Prerequisite: SPAN0102 SPAN0103 is a bridging course between Beginners and Level I. It endeavours to build on the basic skills learnt in SPAN0101 and SPAN0102 to achieve a higher level of communicative competence. Some grammar rules already learnt will be highlighted again, together with additional rules. The course includes topics dealing with Spanish and Latin American cultures.


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