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the physical, vocal, emotional, technical preparation and research required for dramatic performance; examination of basic theatre terminology and protocol; the importance of the script and the actor’s relationship with an audience. Students learn the discipline of acting through physical, vocal, and improvisational exercises.

THEO1002 Introduction to New Testament Literature Biblical Studies A survey of the literature of the New Testament, including a study of the New Testament context. In addition, the course examines the development and canonization of the literature and its content.

Level III

THEO1010 New Testament Greek I Biblical Studies An introduction to the elements of New Testament Greek designed to enable the student to handle the Greek New Testament and understand the nature of Greek thought. Attention will be paid to morphology, grammar and vocabulary.

THEA3202 Directing Performance Prerequisite: THEA2210 or FILM2110 This course examines the art and technique of directing performance for stage, screen and virtual formats. Students cast, mount and direct scenes.

THEA3206 Musical Theatre Prerequisite: THEA2210 or DANC2301 This course expands the student’s range of theatrical expression and develops skills useful to Caribbean tourism and cultural industries. It explores the theory, technique and forms of musical theatre. It provides students with practical applications of dramatic, musical and choreographic elements used in musical theatre. Students prepare and present selected songs and scenes as they develop audition techniques.

THEO1115 History of the Early Church to the Medieval Period: The First to the Fifteenth Century Historical Studies This course will examine the major historical events (such as certain aspects of Roman imperialism, the ecumenical councils, Benedict’s monasticism, the coronation of Charlemagne, the schism of East and West, the rise of the Papacy, and Scholasticism) affecting the doctrinal development of the church. Further it will explore the early controversies of the Church paying close attention to Arianism and Nestorianism.

THEA3210 Theatre Ensemble - (6 credits) Prerequisite: THEA2203 This is a two-semester advanced course, which provides professional experiences as part of a theatre ensemble of the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination. It helps students build technical and performance skills through exposure to increasingly complex performance material under the supervision of faculty and guest playwrights, producers and directors.


(courses administered by codrinGton colleGe)

THEO1203 Fundamentals of Christian Ministry Pastorial Studies A critical study of historical and contemporary models of ministry with particular reference to the Caribbean. The relationship of models of ministry to models of Church.

THEO1220 Introduction to Spirituality and Christian Worship Pastorial Studies This course will survey of the principles of Christian worship. Emphasis will be placed on the ritual and theological dimension of worship and the life of faith. Attention will also be given to the place of the liturgical year, the offices, the Eucharist, vestments, architecture and space in the spiritual formation of believers.

Level I

THEO1001 Introduction to Old Testament Literature Biblical Studies A survey of the literature of the Old Testament in terms of faith responses to specific historical, religious and cultural crises. Some attention will also be given to issues of canonization and authority.

THEO1305 Systematic Theology I: Methods, God, and Creation Theological & Ethical Studies This course is the introductory course in a series of three courses that outline the major themes in systematic theology. The course provides an introduction to the discipline of systematic theology and to current theological methods. In addition, it covers the doctrines of the trinity, creation, humanity, the fall, evil, and sin


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