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with special emphasis upon the historical development of these doctrines and their current significance for the church.

Calvin. Additionally, it will examine the major developments within the Church from 1700-1900, and take a brief look at the Missions and Ecumenism from 1900-2000.

THEO1402 Philosophy for Christian Theology I Religious and Philosophical Studies This course offers a study of the interrelationships between Philosophy and Christian Theology in Patristic and Medieval times, with equal emphasis on the Platonic and Aristotelian traditions. Attention will be focused on Justin Martyr and early Apologists, on the Christian Platonism of Augustine and selected Greek Fathers and on the Aristotelianism of Aquinas and the Scholastic Theologians.

Level II

THEO2020 Biblical Exegesis & Hermeneutics Prerequisite: Any two of: THEO1001, THEO1002 or THEO1010 Biblical Studies This course seeks to examine the various tools and critical approaches for analysing and interpreting the Bible in its context (exegesis). The results of the application of these tools will be used to arrive at a more authoritative meaning of the text in its contemporary use (hermeneutics).

THEO2025 The Canonical Gospels Prerequisite: Any two of: THEO1001, THEO1002 or THEO1010 Biblical Studies In this course a theological exegesis of the Gospels according to Matthew Mark and Luke Gospel (hereinafter called the Synoptic Gospels) and the Gospel according to John will be undertaken. Attention will be paid to the socio-political context of the early Christian communities in which these texts emerged, as well as the theology that emerged from their respective struggles and concerns.

THEO2115 History of the Church from the Reformation to the Present Prerequisite: THEO1115 Historical Studies The course seeks to examine the major aspects of the development of the Church from the Reformation to the present. It considers the social, political and intellectual contexts in which the Reformation theologies developed with special attention to Luther, Zwingli and

THEO2203 Pastoral Care and Counselling Pastorial Studies This course seeks to promote an approach to helping/counselling inclusive of the whole person. It integrates resources from the Christian tradition and resources from psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy to bear upon helping/counselling situations.

THEO2228 Baptism and the Eucharist Prerequisite: THEO12AA or THEO1203 Pastorial Studies This course investigates the development of baptismal and Eucharistic theologies from the New Testament to the modern period. The Rites of Christian Initiation and the Eucharist will be studied from an historical perspective. In the process of this historical investigation, some modern forms of these rites will be considered theologically and ecumenically taking into consideration pastoral implications.

THEO2316 Christian Social Ethics Theological/Systematic and Ethical Studies This course seeks to embark upon a textual and thematic study of the social encyclicals and other major official social documents of the Christian churches, paying special attention to methodology, anthropology and the evolution of ideas.

THEO2325 Systematic Theology II: Christology and Soteriology Prerequisite: THEO1305 or THEO1402 Theological/Systematic and Ethical Studies This course is the second course in a series of three courses that outline the major themes in systematic theology. The course examines Christian beliefs about the person and work of Jesus Christ, salvation, election, and the Holy Spirit’s role in sanctification.

THEO2404 Comparative Religion Level II - Religious and Philosophical Studies - Semester II Theory of Non-Christian Religions—Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Afro-Caribbean expressions; foundations of inter-religious dialogue.


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