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Level III

THEO3004 Deuteronomy and Deuteronomic History Biblical Studies A study of the Book of Deuteronomy with special emphasis on theological issues related to worship, the land, the role of Moses, justice and interpersonal relationships. The course will also focus attention on similar theological emphases of the “Deuteronomic History”.

THEO3110 History of the Caribbean Church 1492 to Present Historical Studies This course explores the major aspects of the development of the Church in the Caribbean, in particular the British West Indies, from 1492 - present. It seeks to enable students to understand how the Church has contributed to the development of the Caribbean society within a historical, theological, political and social context.

THEO3005 Biblical Apocalyptic Theology Prerequisite: At least 6 credits at level I in Biblical Studies Biblical Studies A study of the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelations, with special emphasis on the social context and on the characteristic theological emphases of Biblical apocalyptic eschatology. Some comparisons will be made with other apocalypses and related literature. The role of apocalyptic ideas in contemporary Christianity and society will be examined.

THEO3008 Israelite Wisdom Prerequisite: At least 6 credits in Biblical Studies at Level I Biblical Studies An examination of the literature produced by the Hebrew sages with special reference to Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Ben Sirach and Wisdom of Solomon. Particular attention will be given to the international character and cultural setting of the Wisdom Movement, literary forms, influence, distinctive theological and existential concerns, and contemporary relevance.

THEO3011 Pauline Theology Prerequisite: At least 6 credits in Biblical Studies at Level II Biblical Studies This course is intended as an advanced course on Paul, specifically focusing on the identification of the theology of the Apostle Paul, including its relationship with Judaism and Hellenistic thought.

THEO3012 Themes in Old Testament Prophecy Prerequisite: THEO1115 Biblical Studies ‘This course investigates the major themes that emerge in the work of the classical prophets of Israel and seeks to relate, where relevant, those themes to modern occurrences.

THEO3208 Theory and Practice of Ecumenism Pastorial Studies This course offers a history of the Ecumenical Movement with special emphasis on Anglican-roman Catholic and Anglican- Lutheran relations. This course also studies the newest developments in the move towards full communion among Anglicans and other Christian groups. Studies in the practical applications of ecumenical understandings will be done.

THEO3210 Field Education Prerequisite: THEO1220 OR THE1203 Pastorial Studies The Field Education Seminar provides a forum for seminarians to engage as peers in serious theological reflection on pertinent issues in pastoral ministry. As a basis for this reflection the seminar will draw on three main sources of relevant information – the biblical and theological tradition, the cultural context, and communal experience and the historical heritage.

THEO3213 Other Sacramental Rites Prerequisite: Any two of: THEO1220, THEO1203 or THEO2228 Pastorial Studies The sacraments of Marriage, Holy Orders, Reconciliation, and Anointing of the sick are part of the life of every Christian parish community. This course will explore how each of these sacraments in its liturgical celebration connects us to the Paschal Mystery within an ecclesiology of communion. Not only does the Church celebrate the sacraments, but the celebration of the sacraments shapes the Church.


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