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THEO3214 Ascetical Theology Prerequisite: Any two of: THEO1220, THEO1203 or THEO3213 Pastorial Studies As an introduction to Ascetical Theology this course seeks to establish the relationship between theology and spirituality. It will examine the historical foundations of ascetical theology drawing on selected spiritual classics. Special emphasis will be placed on the Anglican Spiritual Tradition with particular reference to the Caroline Ideal of “true piety with sound learning”.

THEO3215 Christian Education – Concepts And Praxis Prerequisite: Either THEO1220 or THEO1203 Pastorial Studies The purpose of this course is two-fold: First, to aid the students in reflecting on the nature, aims, objectives and relevance of Christian Education in the context of the Caribbean; and secondly, to assist them in developing the skills necessary to be conceptualise and implement a plan of study for Christian Education in context.

THEO3325 Systematic Theology III: The Holy Spirit, the Church, and Eschatology Prerequisite: THEO1305 and THEO1402 Theological/Systematic and Ethical Studies This course is the final course in a series of three courses that outline the major themes in systematic theology. The course examines Christian beliefs in three areas: (1) the person and work of the Holy Spirit; (2) the nature and practices of the church, including topics like authority, ordination, sacraments, and devotional practices; (3) and the final things including the parousia, death, resurrection, judgment, heaven, and hell.

THEO3402 Popular Religiosity in the Caribbean Religious and Philosophical Studies This course will consider the development, function, and influence of popular religious experiences and movements in the Caribbean as well as their relationship to the established traditions.

THEO3318 Caribbean Theology Theological/Systematic and Ethical Studies This course examines the roots and routs of theology within the Caribbean context. It adopts the stance that theology is about the understanding of God in relation to human beings living within a particular socio-geographic space. It also explores how the faith tensions between acculturation and enculturation have influenced new methodologies in theologizing on the social, economic, political and religious issues of the contemporary Caribbean.

THEO3320 Human Sexuality in Christian Perspectives Prerequisite: THEO2316 Theological/Systematic and Ethical Studies This course focuses on the ethical and theological interpretations of sexuality within the Christian tradition. Such consideration will be undertaken in the light of the contemporary human experience and their implications for pastoral practice and the formulation of public policy.


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