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exempted) and three Faculty courses. However, a student who has at least one A’ Level may do 18 credits (6 courses) in the first year of registration if the Dean is satisfied that he or she has adequate time and academic potential to cope with the extra load.

  • (d)

    A part-time student with full matriculation (i.e., having at least two A’ Levels or an Associate Degree with a GPA of

    • 2.50

      on entry to the University) should normally register for no more than 18 credits (6 courses) and no fewer than 12 credits (4 courses) in one academic year.

  • (e)

    Normally, a part-time student will be required to spread the Level I programme over four semesters. At least one Foundation course must be done in the first semester.

    • (f)

      A part-time student will not normally be permitted to register for Level II courses unless he or she has gained at least eighteen Level I credits (completed 6 Level I courses).

  • 4.

    A student will be required to withdraw from the Faculty if after receiving a warning letter concerning his/her poor academic performance, the student’s GPA is less than 0.75 in the following semester.

  • 5.

    Extra courses taken in the Level I programme will in no circumstances be submitted for credit in the Level II programme, or otherwise be counted towards the number of courses required for the Degree save as provided at 2(e) above. An extra course shall, however, count as satisfying the prerequisite for entry to other courses where it is so required.

  • 6.

    Use of Beginners’ Courses for Credit

Only two Beginners’ courses may count towards the Level I programme, and no such course may form part of the Level II or Level III programme.

  • 7.

    Transfer from Part-Time to Full-Time Status and Vice Versa

    • (a)

      A full-time student who takes full-time employment before January 31 in any year will be required to change to part- time registration.



  • (b)

    A part-time student with lower level matriculation may transfer to full-time status after gaining 15 credits (successfully completing 5 courses).

  • (c)

    A part-time student who becomes eligible for full-time status may change his/her registration up to September 30 in any year.

Transferring from one Faculty to Another

Students wishing to transfer from one faculty to another should note the deadlines for applications are listed in the ACADemiC CAlenDAr on p.10.

Applications can be accessed through the UWI website http://www.cavehill.uwi.edu/studentaffairs/transfer_ students.asp. Students are to return the completed forms to the Faculty Office for approval by the Dean. Students should note that the transfer, once approved, will be processed in time for the new academic year, and that they will receive notification of approval from the Admissions Section of Student Affairs.

  • (a)

    Students transferring into Level I from another faculty must satisfy the relevant matriculation requirement.

  • (b)

    Students transferring into the Faculty may apply for exemption from or credit for courses completed in another faculty or institution.

  • (c)

    Exemptions and credits are not normally granted in respect of Level II or III courses. NB: Students who receive an exemption without credit are required to do another course.

  • (d)

    A transfer student with passes obtained in the Preliminary year in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences may use such passes for purposes of matriculation but may not obtain credit for any such passes.

Permission will not be granted to vary the Faculty’s requirements for registration in order to facilitate students who wish to transfer to another Faculty, but students who wish to do so may always apply to read extra courses in accordance with (5) above.


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