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granted by the Dean. This regulation shall not apply in cases of properly attested illness duly reported to the Campus Registrar in accordance with the University Examination Regulations.


Students may seek permission to register to write examinations without attending classes in not more than four courses in which examinations had been taken and failed. This permission must be granted by Academic Board on the recommendation of Faculty Board which shall require consultation with the Department concerned.


Examination Regulation 19 (2008-2009 booklet) states that:

offered an oral or written supplemental examination in that course, provided that he/she has obtained at least 35% in the course. This also applies where the course failed was taken in Semester I and not repeated in Semester II.

  • (b)

    If a supplemental is granted, the student may choose to decline the offer.

  • (c)

    The supplemental, which will be a minimum length of one hour, will be held as soon as possible after the previous examination. The student must contact the Department concerned immediately so that arrangements may be made for the supplemental.

“Any candidate who has been absent from the University for a prolonged period during the teaching of a particular course for any reason other than illness or whose attendance at prescribed lectures, classes, practical classes, tutorials or clinical instructions has been unsatisfactory or who has failed to submit essays or other exercises set by his teachers may be debarred by the relevant Academic Board, on the recommendation of the relevant Faculty Board, from taking any University examinations.”

Note: Debarment from the examination in a course will be recommended by the Faculty based on information supplied by the relevant Head of Department on unsatisfactory attendance. Students should note that attendance at tutorials is prescribed.

  • 10.

    Notification of Results and Calculation of Honours/Class of Degree

    • (a)

      A Pass List for the BA degree shall be published each semester.

    • (b)

      The class of degree depends on the Cumulative Grade Point Average a student has accumulated in the 54 credits (18 courses) required for Honours obtained in Level II and III courses.

  • 11.

    Supplemental Examinations:

(a) The Board of Examiners may recommend to the department concerned that a student who has failed the last and only course required to complete the degree be

  • (d)

    The supplemental examination will concern the course as a whole, and will not be restricted to the questions set in the examination which the student did.

  • (e)

    If the supplemental examination is passed, the student cannot be awarded a grade higher than D+, and this grade will replace that previously gained for the entire evaluation in that course.

  • (f)

    If he/she fails the supplemental, the student will not have the right of appeal or review.

  • (g)

    A student will be allowed only one Supplemental Examination for any one course.

exemptions grAnteD in CAses of illness

  • 12.

    A candidate who has been absent through illness for one or more examinations held in respect of Level II or Level III courses may apply for exemption from these examinations provided that:

    • (a)

      no exemption shall be granted in respect of any course unless the candidate has successfully completed all the required work for the course and has achieved, in the opinion of his tutor(s) and of the Department, a satisfactory level of performance in the course;

(b) no exemption shall be granted unless the candidate has obtained the minimum 30 Level I credits and at least twelve Level II credits;


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