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  • (c)

    no exemption shall be granted in respect of any dissertation or project;

  • (d)

    the total number of credits for which exemption may be granted shall not exceed eighteen, except that where a student has satisfactorily completed both the Level I and Level II programmes exemption may be granted from atotal of twenty-four credits. Such exemption shall permit the student, on completion of all the other requirements for the degree of BA, to apply for an Aegrotat degree.

meDiCAl CertifiCAtes

  • 13.

    Students who submit certificates as an excuse for absence from examinations are asked to note that although the student is free to visit his/her private physician he/she is required, for the purpose of securing exemption from examinations, to comply with the following:

    • (a)

      to be examined by a practitioner from the University’s panel of doctors; or

  • (b)

    in the event of illness being so acute that the student cannot subscribe to (a) he/she should obtain a certificate from his/her private physician and in addition the physician should be required to supply the University with the reasons for the student’s absence from the examinations and;

  • (c)

    to ensure that the report is submitted to the University Medical Officer.

nB: Medical certificates should be submitted to the Examination Section of Student Affairs, and students should indicate the course(s) covered by the certificate.

regulAtions for leAve of ABsenCe

14 (a) Application

A student who for good reason wishes to absent herself/ himself from the degree programme must apply for formal leave of absence to the Faculty Board of the candidate’s campus through the Dean, stating the reasons for the application. The length of such leave of absence, if granted, will be subject to approval by the

Academic Board of the campus concerned, but will not normally exceed one academic year in the first instance, terminating at the end of the academic year for which the application is approved.

(b) Time Limits

During a student’s undergraduate career, leave of absence may be granted for one semester or for an academic year, up to a maximum of two academic years. Leave of absence, however, will not be granted for more than two consecutive years. A student requiring more leave after the maximum has been reached will be required to withdraw from the University and reapply at a later date.



Applications for leave of absence for a semester shall normally be submitted by the end of the third week of the relevant semester. Applications for leave of absence for the academic year shall normally be submitted by the end of the third week of Semester I (see the ACADemiC CAlenDAr on p. 10 for deadline dates).

AegrotAt Degree

  • 15.

    A student who has obtained at least three-quarters of the credits required for a Bachelor’s Degree but has been unable through illness to complete the programme may apply under the University Regulations for the award of an Aegrotat Degree.

  • 16.

    An Aegrotat Degree will not be awarded unless the Board of Examiners considers that, in the courses which he/she has completed, the student has reached a standard which, if also reached in the remainder of the programme, would have qualified him/her for the award of a Degree.

  • 17.

    An Aegrotat Degree will be awarded without class.

  • 18.

    Holders of an Aegrotat Degree are not permitted to re-enter for the same Degree programme but may proceed to a second or higher degree on complying with the Regulations for such Degree


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