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Level III

(Courses ADministereD By tHe eBCCi)

Level I

DANC1301 Introduction to Dance Creative Arts This is a foundation course, which is designed to develop an awareness and appreciation of dance in its artistic, social and cultural contexts. The course introduces students to dance history, anatomy and composition. Students develop fundamental movement and dance skills as well as critical skills by viewing and experiencing dance performance.

DANC3301 Choreography Prerequisite: DANC2303 Creative Arts This is an advanced course which focuses on dance creation and expression. It allows students to explore the creative process and the aesthetics of dance. This course examines dance as aesthetic expression focusing on form, structure, space and rhythm in composition and choreography. It explores the creative process, dance making and the execution of choreographic elements. Students create solo and duet pieces and produce an original choreographic project.

Level II

DANC2301 Dance Technique - (6 credits) Prerequisite: DANC1301 Creative Arts This is the first section of a two-semester course, which aims to develop the art and discipline of contemporary Caribbean dance through a focus on technical skills, expanded vocabulary and movement capability. It explores a Caribbean aesthetic through movement improvisation as performance technique and group composition. Students undergo systematic exercises, movement sequences and movement exploration with a view to developing their own artistic voice and engaging Caribbean expressive forms.

DANC2303 Modern Dance Prerequisite: DANC2301 Creative Arts This course explores the aesthetics of modern dance through intensive studio experiences, viewing performances and study of dance history, theory and literature. It examines the philosophical background and assumptions that inform important contributions to the development of modern dance ideas in the 20th century as well as their articulation through dance.

DANC3302 Dance Education Prerequisite: DANC2303 Creative Arts This is an advanced course, which explores the teaching of dance in schools and community settings in the Caribbean. It explores a wide range of skills used in dance teacher education. Students examine the literature, practice and pedagogical strategies of dance education in school and community settings, particularly as it relates to social and cultural development of the Caribbean.

DANC3303 Dance Ensemble - (6 credits) Prerequisite: DANC2303 Creative Arts This is a two-semester advanced course, which provides professional experiences as part of a performing dance ensemble of the EBCCI. It helps students build technical and performance skills through exposure to increasingly complex performance material under the supervision of faculty and guest choreographers in performing repertory works. Students expand their understanding of dance composition and identify individual areas of artistic interest with continued opportunities for creative development in production roles that include: stage management, lighting design, sound design and backstage crew.


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