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EDFA1024 Social Foundations of Education This introductory course is designed to provide students with an overview of the inter-relationships between education/schooling and the society/community that it serves. More specifically, the course seeks to engage students in constructing a critical understanding of [i] the difference between such basic concepts as education and schooling, [ii] the multi-faceted relationship between education and society, [iii] the historical context and development of Caribbean education, [iv] some of the topically pertinent issues in Caribbean education as they relate to society and social change.

EDCU2101 Introduction to Curriculum Theory, Planning and Practice This course introduces students to models of curriculum planning; the skills necessary to participate in curriculum planning, implementation and evaluation; problems of curriculum management and implementation; assumptions underlying current curriculum practices.

EDEA2304 Introduction to Educational Administration This introductory course will enable students to understand key concepts in educational administration, examine the various concepts, organizational, social and economic, which influence the practice of educational administration in the region and explore and evaluate some critical processes and functions which are associated with managing and leading schools in order to promote successful student outcomes.

EDPS1001 Introduction to Human Development This course will enable students to understand some of the major conceptual and theoretical bases underlying Western psychological approaches to the study of human growth and development as well as to understand, use and evaluate techniques for the scientific study of human growth and development. (Not for Psychology majors).

EDPS1005 Introduction to Educational Psychology This course will enable students to understand some of the major conceptual, theoretical and research bases which inform past and present educational practices with regard to teaching, learning, counselling, management and discipline as well as to explore a variety of techniques for the systematic examination of individual and group functioning in the classroom. (Not for Psychology majors).

EDLA2112 The Structure and Nature of Language Arts This course is designed to give students a conceptual overview of the language arts and the instructional implications thereof, to encourage the development of critical awareness of how the general curriculum process might be applied to the various teaching and learning concerns in language arts, and to enable students to develop knowledge of as well as skills in using different theoretical perspectives in designing language arts units.

EDMA2111 The Structure and Nature of Mathematics This course seeks to develop students’ awareness of the characteristics of Mathematics knowledge, skills and activity to inform their teaching at both the Primary and Secondary levels as well as to improve students’ knowledge of basic mathematics content and to develop their ability to teach the subject in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

EDPS1010 Introduction to the Psychology of Learning and Teaching This course includes an introduction to Psychology with a focus on learning and teaching. It explores the concepts of learning and development within the classroom and implications for effective learning and teaching within the context of the Caribbean.

EDME2211 Testing, Measurement and Evaluation I This course examines the nature and purpose of educational assessment in the classroom and school contexts; the importance of feedback in assessment, learning and teaching; the use of a variety of means in determining pupil attainment; and the meaning, uses and limitations of marks and grades.


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