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teach exceptional learners; and (iii) assess the relevance of these pedagogies for Caribbean classrooms.

and evaluation of teacher preparation programmes; and to administer aspects of pre-service and in-service teacher preparation programmes in a Caribbean context.

EDSE3901 Education of Children with Physical and Health Impairment This course has been designed to familiarise education students with various physical disabilities and health problems that are present among school children and how to manage them in the classroom. Students will:


identify physical disabilities and health problems in school children.

EDTK3304 Media and Technology in Education Students need opportunities for experiences that promote visual competency. To achieve this, teachers must recognize the increasing role of technology in out-of- school communication and embrace a wider range of technologies in fostering active student learning in the classroom. The activities in this course will raise the level of comfort of teachers with different media.

  • 2.

    be knowledgeable about causes, prevention and management of such problems.

  • 3.

    be equipped with adequate experience of high and low technology that can assist children with such conditions.


be familiar with appropriate strategies of educating such children.

EDSO3102 Social Context of Education The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the study of education as an institution which affects and is affected by other major institutions in society by providing students with an understanding of the major theoretical perspectives in the Sociology of Education; the concept of education and national development; the determinants of academic achievement; and teaching as a ‘profession’.

EDSS3200 Issues in Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction Prerequisite: EDSS2113 OR EDSS2910 The purpose of this course is to address issues in social studies education that are not currently covered in existing courses and, at the same time, to capture current thinking and areas of emphasis in social education. The course attempts to bridge the current more theoretical offerings of the social studies program with more practical areas related to the teaching of social studies.

EDTE3404 Issues in Teacher Education The purpose of this course is to enable the students to examine critically the basic issues, assumptions, and problems in teacher preparation programmes in the Eastern Caribbean; to develop the skills and competencies necessary for the planning, implementation


Level I

FILM1000 Introduction to Film/Cinema This course provides an introduction to the cinema as an institution and film as an art. It focuses on the film as text and the practice of film-making, paying particular attention to elements of film form, cinematic expression, mise-en-scene, narrative structure and narration.

FILM1010 Cinematic Expression Prerequisite: FILM1000 The course is an introduction to audiovisual culture, exploring principles of design, elements of film art and photography, and how they construct meaning and convey emotion. It is designed to provide students with an understanding of film art as a product of society and as a mechanism for change. Students will be required to apply their knowledge to practical design projects. Basic photographic and film production skills will be developed.

Level II

FILM2000 Caribbean Film Prerequisite: FILM1000 Creative Arts - Moving Picture Arts The course will study seminal feature films and documentaries by such filmmakers as Perry Henzell, Humberto Solas, Euzhan Palcy, Felix de Rooy, Raoul Peck, as well as a number of new and young filmmakers, many working in video. The films will reflect the diversity of the region and its diaspora, and will include films


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