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in French, Dutch, Spanish, English and Creole. The course will explore representations of race, culture and landscape, migration and nation, as well as the impact of history, economics and politics of the region on the development of Caribbean cinema. This course is currently taught in the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature at Cave Hill.

FILM2010 History and Theory of Cinematic Forms Prerequisite: FILM1000 This course introduces students to the major theories of film and their relationship to critical practice. It will provide students with knowledge of the history and theory of cinematic forms such as film and digital media in order to establish a critical and historical context for the study of film. The development of moving picture art is examined through lectures, readings and screenings of important works that will help students navigate a variety of important conceptual models and critical approaches to the study of film. Students will analyse film as an art form, a communications tool and an entertainment source.

FILM2103 Documentary Prerequisite: FILM2115 Creative Arts - Moving Picture Arts This course has a dual purpose: first, to examine the theoretical, historical, ethical and aesthetic context of documentary practice; and second, to produce group documentary projects as a means of allowing students to explore personally the range of issues and challenges that documentary filmmakers face.

FILM2104 Production Management Prerequisite: FILM2110 Creative Arts - Moving Picture Arts This course explores all aspects of the work of the producer from pre-production planning, through production and post-production. Students assume the role of a producer responsible for creating or acquiring a story idea and developing it through conceptualization, budgeting, treatment, proposal, funding, scheduling, outreach, marketing and distribution.

and aesthetic elements, proper use, professional practice and the logistics of the film shoot.

FILM2115 Cinematography Prerequisite: FILM2110 Creative Arts - Moving Picture Arts This course examines the theoretical and practical work of the director of photography. Students learn about the raw materials of the photographic process, the proper operation of cameras, lights and ancillary equipment, field production techniques. They gain experience in lighting, filming and audio recording to create effective stories. The course expands on basic video and film lighting techniques, technical considerations and aesthetics of lighting.

FILM2801 Fundamentals of Story and Narration Prerequisite: FILM1000 Creative Arts - Writing This is an introductory course, which provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature of storytelling, story forms as well as the cultural function and significance of stories. The course focuses on how different cultures organize and narrate their stories, paying particular attention to story traditions in Caribbean culture. Students learn how to craft stories, analyse and critique story forms for use in contemporary performing and creative arts.

FILM2802 Writing for Stage and Screen Prerequisite: FILM2801 or THEA2210 Creative Arts - Writing This course examines fundamental elements of writing for stage and screen paying particular attention to dramatic structure, storytelling techniques, film language, genre, cinematic rendering character and thematic development as well as techniques for writing effective dialogue. Students analyse and discuss successful screenplay mechanics as well as write their own short plays.

Level III

FILM2110 Production Tools Prerequisite: FILM1000 Creative Arts - Moving Picture Arts This course builds on the knowledge gained in Introduction to Film. It introduces students to intermediate production skills, concepts, tools and techniques for film and digital video. It examines technical

FILM3100 The Emergence of Cinema and the Rise of Nation Prerequisites: FILM1000 and FILM1010 This course looks at the emergence of cinema up to the post- World War Two era. It foregrounds the debates about realism and fantasy, soviet cinema and its relationship to communist state


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