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FREN2602 The Modern French Novel Prerequisites: FREN1402 and FREN1303 and FREN1304 The course focuses on the artistic and intellectual features of the novel in the twentieth century.

FREN2614 Modern French Drama Prerequisites: FREN1402 and FREN1303 and FREN1304 This course focuses on major dramatic developments in French Literature from the end of the nineteenth century to the present.

Level III

FREN3104 Areas of French Translation Prerequisite: FREN3101 This course provides translation practice, especially from French into English, in specific areas of translation such as Agriculture, Commerce, Tourism, the Environment, Meteorology, Caribbean society.

FREN3501 The French Caribbean Novel Prerequisites: FREN1303, FREN1304 and FREN2004 The course focuses on the French Caribbean novel from the 1950s to the contemporary period with emphasis given to special areas such as the situation in Haiti and women writers.

FREN3003 International Business French Prerequisite: FREN2004 This course is designed to improve students’ command and comprehension of written and oral French while familiarizing them with the terminology and phraseology used in international business French. NB: Students must pass both written and oral components in order to pass the course.

FREN3502 French Caribbean Poetry and Drama Prerequisites: FREN1303, FREN1304 and FREN2004 This course focuses on the development of French Caribbean poetry and drama from the 1930s to the present day with special emphasis on the Negritude movement.


FREN3014 French for Tourism Prerequisite: FREN2004 This course introduces students to the field of Tourism and Hotel Management, explaining the basic concepts and equipping them to use the appropriate Spanish vocabulary of the subject. Practical scenarios and a research project are part of the course.

(courses administered by the institute for Gender & development studies)

Level I

FREN3101 French Translation Prerequisite: FREN2004 A systematic approach to the translation of a wide range of language styles, with emphasis on non-literary translation.

FREN3102: Introduction to Interpreting: French (6 credits) Prerequisites: B+ in FREN2004 Not offered this year This year long course introduces students to the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will be necessary to function as conference interpreters. It incorporates practical training in real interpreting situations (liaison, consecutive and simultaneous), specialized oral expression classes and relevant cultural content (institutions, government and contemporary issues).

GEND1103 Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge This is a survey course that introduces first year students to three strands of feminist analysis: theory, method and popular knowledge. The course provides students with an introduction to the core concepts within Women’s Studies such as feminism, gender, women’s studies, patriarchy, consciousness-raising, feminist backlash, first, second and third wave feminism.

GEND1301 Feminist Theology: An Introduction This course introduces the main strands of feminist theology, its relevance within the feminist movement and its impact within the Christian religious tradition. During the course students will examine these theologies used to analyse the historical androcentric constructions in Christian religion, and will evaluate their relevance to understanding the realities of women and men in the Caribbean.


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