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modernisation paradigm has informed development planning in the Caribbean and explores the corresponding differential development of social and economic policy affecting women and men in the Caribbean.

GEND3705 Gender and Sexuality This course critically examines the historical androcentric constructions of sexuality. The course will explore the historical, medical and sociological approaches to human sexuality. It will demonstrate how women’s and men’s sexualities are viewed differently and how this difference empowers and disempowers both sexes. It will examine how sexuality is constructed across a variation of sexual identities. The course will also try to explain how historical ideologies about human sexuality are perpetuated within Caribbean society, and their effect on the lives of Caribbean women, in particular.


Level I

HIST1004 Introductory History of the Caribbean (Not for History Majors) The course comprises a survey of the Caribbean from the pre- colonial period to the present. The major themes will include: expansion and decline of pre-colonial societies; European conquest and colonization; mercantilism and colonial economic development; systems of forced labour; liberation struggles, imperialist intervention; development of society; creole nationalism and de-colonization.

HIST1303 African Civilization to AD 1000 to AD 1800 This course traces the development of societies on the African Continent. The approach will be thematic and revisionist of the Eurocentric view of Africa’s historical ‘nullity’ in world history.

HIST1601 The Atlantic World 1400-1600 A study of the creation of one of the most significant regional systems in world history, a system unified by the Atlantic Ocean.

HIST1602 The Atlantic World 1600-1800 A study of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the Atlantic World which were characterized by significant changes, from the Sugar revolution to the Haitian Revolution.



HIST1703 Introduction to History An introduction to the nature and objectives of History, the variety of historical writing, the methods and sources of the historian, and some philosophical questions about our knowledge of the past.

HIST1801 Introduction to Archaeology This course introduces the student to the fundamental principles, techniques and goals of Archaeology. The nature of archaeological evidence, its interpretation and related problems are examined.

HIST1802 A Survey of World Pre-History This course examines human origins and development of cultural traditions from the earliest times in both the Old and the New World up to and including the origins and development of agriculture and early settlements. Summarized reviews of the rise and fall of selected earliest civilizations are also discussed.

Level II

HIST2003 History of the West Indies I, 1700-1848 This course examines the primary forces and characteristic features evident in the West Indies during the period between European encounter the abolition of slavery.

HIST2004 History of the West Indies II, 1848 to Present This course examines in a comprehensive manner the drawn-out and uneven disintegration of the ancient regime - the slave system and supportive mercantile structures.

HIST2101 Latin American History 1810-1910 The colonial background to independence in Spanish and Portuguese America, the struggle for political independence, internal problems of the Post-Independence period, the impact of foreign powers on Latin America, slavery and its abolition in Latin America, Imperial Brazil under Pedro I, economic strategies in the 19th Century and the plight of the Masses.

HIST2102 Latin American History Since 1910 This course traces, inter alia, the history of the region from the Mexican Revolution to the present.

HIST2201 History of the USA to 1865 A broad survey of the history of the United States up to the end of the Civil War. Coverage includes politics and personalities,

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