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international premier portfolio technical guide


  • The bond is available to individuals over age 18, trustees and to corporations.

  • The bond may be written on a single or a joint life last survivor basis.

  • There is no minimum age restriction on the lives insured but at least one life insured must be aged 89 or under at the start of the bond. Your bond may be written on a maximum of 10 lives insured.

  • Extra investments can be made if the life insured (youngest life if multiple lives) is 89 or under at the time they apply.


Bond currency

  • The bond currency can be Sterling (£), Euro () or US Dollar ($). Once you choose your bond currency, it can’t be changed.

  • Extra investments will be denominated in the same currency as the bond currency.

  • The value of the investment will be affected by changes in exchange rates.

Investment currency

  • The currency of your investment will normally be the same as the bond currency but initial investments or extra investments, may be paid, at our discretion, in any freely convertible currency. Your money will be converted into the bond currency prior to investment into the bond. Your product terms are based on the investment amount after conversion into your bond currency.

  • Where your investment is not in the same currency as the bond currency, a conversion will take place at exchange rates determined by us. You will have to pay the expenses involved in converting the currency, which are those charged by our bank.

Holdings currency

  • Investment funds may be in any currency. The cash account and any cash deposits may only be held in the bond currency.


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