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international premier portfolio technical guide

Investment amounts

  • The minimum amount for extra investments is currently £5,000 (7,500 or $7,500).

  • Your bond is divided into 250 policies. The minimum initial investment for each policy is £200 (300 or $300).

  • If the bond is non-discretionary managed the minimum amount that can be invested into each fund or cash deposit is normally £1,000 (1,500 or $1,500) unless the fund manager’s or deposit taker’s minimum investment limit is higher. If the bond is discretionary managed, the Discretionary Manager may have different minimum amounts.

  • The bond includes a cash account. There is no minimum investment for the cash account. However, we suggest that you place enough money into the cash account to fund any charges from your bond. We explain more about the cash account later in this booklet.

Extra investments

  • You can make extra investments to the bond at any time.

  • Extra investments into the bond will be in the bond currency.

  • If you make an extra investment in a currency other than the bond currency, we’ll convert the investment to the bond currency at an exchange rate determined by us. You will have to pay the expenses involved in converting the currency.

  • Extra investments will be subject to the same charging structure and maintenance charge as your initial investment. Within the chosen charging structure, extra investments may have a different allocation rate, establishment charge rate and early cash in charge scale.


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