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When the bond starts

  • The bond will start once we have accepted your application in Dublin and your initial investment has cleared in our bank account and becomes available for investment.

  • If your bond is non-discretionary managed and if the funds you choose are not among the thousands that we’ve already reviewed, we’ll review them for you. If they meet the rules of the bond and we can arrange access, we’ll invest in those funds. If there is any uncertainty about the identity of the fund you’ve chosen, we will hold the money in the cash account until we can confirm the correct fund with you or your Adviser.

  • If it takes longer than expected to review a fund, we’ll give you the option to choose other funds.

  • If your bond is discretionary managed the Discretionary Manager will ensure that the funds chosen are acceptable under the rules of the bond.

  • You can change your mind by returning the cancellation form, together with your original bond documents, within 30 days from when you receive your cancellation notice, to our head office in Dublin.

  • If you cancel your bond, we will give you back the money you paid to Aviva, less any fall in the value of your investment on the day we cancel your investment(s)

This means that from the bond start date to the date we cancel your investment(s), any risks associated with your investment remain with you and this will be reflected in the amount repaid.

These risks may include delays or a loss in the value of your bond. The value of your bond is linked to the performance of holdings owned by us. If the value of any of these holdings falls, for example as

a result of the insolvency of an institution, market movements or difficult market conditions, the value of the bond will also fall. These risks also include any losses that are reasonably incurred by us in cancelling your bond.

While we can value your investment on the next available dealing date after we receive a faxed copy of a fully completed cancellation form, we can’t repay your money until we have received the cancellation form and your original bond documents.


  • We’ll send you a valuation statement every quarter. The bond is valued on the last Friday in March, June and September and on the 31st day of December.

  • You can request further valuations but we may charge an additional valuation charge.

  • The valuation is made in the bond currency.

  • Any extra investments you make will be shown with your initial investments on your valuation statements. The cash account balance and any overdraft will also appear on your valuation statement.

  • The movements or transactions shown in your valuation statement will refer back to the previous quarterly statement, even if you have requested and received an additional statement in the interim.

  • If your bond is discretionary managed, the Discretionary Manager may provide statements of the holdings they manage.


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