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international premier portfolio technical guide

  • If you ask us to cash in part of the bond, you or your investment adviser will need to tell us which holdings you want us to sell to avoid the cash account becoming overdrawn. If you choose a holding that is not priced daily we’ll instruct the sale of the holdings for the next pricing date of the fund.

If your bond is discretionary managed, the Discretionary Manager will choose which holdings to sell to restore your cash account balance.

  • Payments will be made in your bond currency.

Cashing in all of the bond

  • You may, at any time, ask to cash in all of the bond.

  • Depending on the charging structure you have chosen for the bond, there may be a charge when you cash in the bond.

  • There may be a delay if it is not possible to sell the holdings immediately.

  • Payments will be made in your bond currency.

  • There may be income tax implications.

Deferment of transactions

  • When you ask us to sell holdings, for example to change holdings, or to cash in part or all of your bond, we´ll do this as soon as we can. This is usually the next working day. We´ll use the next available price for this.

We will not normally delay in selling holdings. However, we have the right to delay in selling holdings and in making payment to you. This could happen when we´re unable to sell the holdings and may be due to difficult market conditions, or where the provider of the holdings suspends or delays trading in the fund. We may delay payment to you until we are able to sell the holding and the proceeds of the sale are received into the cash account.

After any delay the value of the holdings will be worked out using the price that applies when we are able to sell the holdings.

We´ll tell you if and why a delay is necessary.


  • There are five charging structures available for International Premier Portfolio. Different charges apply to each structure. For detailed information on all these charges, please see the charging structures leaflet (IN85006 or IN08029), which is available from your financial adviser.

Fund selection

Allowable assets

  • There are restrictions placed upon the asset categories and specific assets allowed in the bond.

  • A wide range of assets are allowed in the bond and are acceptable to us. These include:

  • Units in a UK authorised unit trust

  • Shares in an approved investment trust

  • Shares in an open-ended investment

company (OEIC)

  • Any open-ended, collective investment scheme, based outside of the UK such as an OEIC or a SICAV

  • Cash and cash deposits held in the currency of the bond and cash in other currencies held for the purposes of dealing transactions (but not for the purpose of realising a gain).

  • The types of assets that are not allowed include:

    • Any form of asset (e.g. equities, bonds, fixed assets etc) that is directly held (as opposed to being held inside a collective investment scheme)


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