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After dinner and a lot of wine, Allison gets the good idea to have a seance in the creepy old house. However, lacking a ouija board, they settle for the next best thing: Utilizing Eliza's hypnotism skills for fun and pleasure. The goal is to reveal a secret that no one may know. Things are all well and good, until Jacob's turn. Jacob, you see, has suffered memory loss since around the time of death of his father. And, as is par for the course for messing with these things, a secret begins to be revealed, leading us all to the one thing that can only come out of a movie titled blood Deep: murder.

Lots of murder, for the secret can not be revealed.

That's what your gonna get. you know me, and how I like to not spoil your moviegoing experience. Enjoy the damn thing for yourselves, people. (Unless it's a film like Submerged, where I have to tell you the plot to make sense of it myself.)

On to my non-apparel related thoughts of the film. Is it wrong to admit that this movie was a lot better than I was expecting it to be? I don't think so. It's a compliment. And I genuinely mean it.

Why do I like it? First off, it's not a slasher film. With a title like Blood Deep, you'd expect something, well, with a hell of a lot more blood. (also keep in my mind, I'm coming from Land of the Dead, one of the bloodiest films all year). So imagine my surprise to find out it's more of a mystery/thriller, with elements of a slasher film, as opposed to an all out gore fest. Like Malevolence. (which, for the record, I didn't like at all.) Although, when the slasher element of the film kicks in, it's pretty damn creepy, and it got me a couple of times. And the scene with Robin in the freezer freaked me the hell out. It's claustrophobic and scary as hell. The description I've read of a cross between Stand By Me and Halloween is apt.

Second, I liked the pacing of the film. A lot will call it slow. I call it deliberate. Lots of long takes, slowly moving the camera. It takes it's time to let you get to know the characters and catch up on their pasts. granted, I did feel it moved a little too slow at some points, but overall, I found it a nice change of pace. No pun intended.

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