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Interview, Blood Deep director Todd Kniss

Posted by Filmfanzine

Monday 11.04.2005

Blood Deep is in the final stages of the post production. Director Todd Kniss says Blood Deep doesn`t look "low-budget" even though it is.

Todd Kniss desided early that he was going to be a film maker. At the age of 9, his father - who is a proffesional photographer, handed him a 16 mm bolex camera. Since then he has graduated from American Film Institute, and is now in the editing process of his first feature; Blood Deep.

Filmfanzine: As Filmfanzine has understood it, the film is about a group of childhood friends who after a reunion discovers that several of them were involved in a murder of a young boy, 25 years earlier. Can you reveal anything more of the plot?

Todd:: The original press release that information came from was distributed before we set any concrete dates, actually it was 17 years ago. In 1988 katie's boyfriend, Ronnie, goes missing and is eventually discovered by the group of young friends in a vacant lot, burned beyond recognition. the murder is never solved. 17 years later, upon her grandmother's death, Katie returns to her childhood home. She reunites with her childhood friends whom she has not seen since she departed for college. During the evening, one of the guests, eliza, is persuaded to hypnotize the others for entertainment. But rather than coerce her subjects to humiliate themselves she gives each of them a simple command: "Tell me a secret." The night's events quickly begin to unravel as one guest after another reveals their deepest fears and secrets. One guest in particular, Jacob Westen, has been experiencing severe amnesia since suffering a near fatal gunshot wound to his head. Jacob sees Eliza's talents as an opportunity to help him remember what has happened. Unfortunately for him, and the rest of the group, his excitement soon turns to horror when the deadly past is revealed.

Filmfanzine: Is the story of the old murder told chronological in the film, or by flashbacks?

Todd:: The story starts in 1988 just prior to the murder. We flash forward to present day and Katie's return home. as Katie rediscovers her childhood home she simultaneously remembers her past—the pleasant and frightening. The story then progresses in present time with intermittent use of flashback. I realize that some people are put off by the use of flashbacks as a story telling device, but I absolutely love them. I think it all depends on how they are used. M. Night Shyamalan uses them consistently and brilliantly. I hope to do the same.

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