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Todd:: I told the actors that they should look at the script as a blueprint—that there were specific lines and

details in there that needed to be addressed in a particular way, and then there were others that could be left open to interpretation. On the set, and during rehearsals i discussed the characters and lines with each of the actors and delved into each of their pasts, motivations, beliefs, etc. Then it was time for them to bring the characters to life. Actors are artists as well. I collaborated with them just as i would collaborate with the cinematographer or production designer. I am extremely happy with our cast. They are a very talented group of young people who you will soon be seeing more and more of on your television and in the theater. We were very lucky in that we had such an attractive cast that was also hard working, dedicated and, above all, extremely talented. We, the producers, decided early on that we would rather have new talent on their way up as opposed to "name" actors on their way down. We would rather spend that money on film, locations or extra shooting days.

Filmfanzine: Are there any films or directors in particular that has influenced you in the making of Blood Deep?

Todd:: Like most filmmakers these days, i have been greatly influenced by Steven Spielberg. I actually met and graduated with him a couple of years ago. I saw jaws as a child and have been forever terrified and fascinated by sharks. It was also this movie that permanently demented me, inevitably drawing me into of the art of filmmaking. Halloween is, and was, an obvious influence. I watch it every year on halloween. It never gets old. The early films of John Carpenter are some of my favorites. The Fog, The Thing, and Escape from New York. I would compare the structure and pacing similar to Alien. It slowly draws you in and introduces you to the characters and the environment. then, once you're comfortable, you discover that there is a monster among you. It is out there lurking and it's not a matter of whether or not you will survive, but for how long. Ridley Scott is such a visual genius. Current favorite filmmakers would have to include James Cameron, M. Night Shyamalan, Michael Mann, John Dahl, P.T. Anderson, Tom Tykwer, Wong Kar-Wai, Jean Pierre Juenet and Steven Soderbergh.

Filmfanzine:: How far are you in the postproduction process right now?

Todd:: We are currently in the editing process.

Filmfanzine:: Is there a distributor yet? Do you know when it will be released?

Todd:: Before we even rolled a single frame of film, we had the foresight to register ourselves with all the major film tracking publications. Ever since, we’ve been getting calls from all over the world asking for screeners or to be placed on the invite list. We’ll hold a buyer’s screening in may.

Filmfanzine:: Do you have any idea what your next project will be?

I have numerous stories i would like to make, but I think it will depend greatly upon the sale of this film and the potential budget of the next. Some of the stories are larger in scale than others and I wouldn't want to attempt them without the proper budget.

Thanks to Todd Kniss and the rest of Dead Horse Productions.


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