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Exclusive: Blood Deep Movie Review

Director: Todd Kniss Movie Section : Blood Deep News Genre : Movie Reviews Horror Movie News

We recently were invited to a special private screening of Blood Deep which is Todd Kniss's foray into film making after his fantastic short film Last Stop which at some point we are going to review. Just not enough time in a day. We sent "The Dude" to a private screening in LA and he has now come back with his feedback as to whether Blood Deep hits the mark or misses. Wo without further ado here is his review:

"Three may keep a secret... if two of them are dead" - Benjamin Franklin.

These words open the new horror/thriller Blood Deep, I film I was lucky enough to catch this evening. Not only see it, but I was lucky enough to meet most of the people involved in bringing this film to the screen. (You all wish you had my job, you know it!) And now, you lucky readers get to read my ramblings about the film, influenced in NO WAY AT ALL by the Blood Deep T-shirt I was given. (And here I was thinking I was gonna do laundry tonight. Dude wins again!)

Blood Deep has been extensively covered by MoviesOnline, but for those just getting into the game, I'll bring you up to speed. (Also, the plot synopsis we have isn't quite accurate). It begins with two children playing hide and seek. "Ronnie" hides in the basement, and is brutally murdered by an unseen child around his age. (In silhouette I thought he looked a little "grey alien", and I thought I was in a different movie. Then I smacked myself. Twice). A few days later, his charred remains are discovered by a group of friends, one of them being Katie, the girl Ronnie was hiding from.

This brings us to the present. Katie (Jeridan Frye), now all grown up (and quite easy on the eyes) returns to her hometown for the wake of her grandmother. Her friends come out to pay their respects and to finally reunite after years of separation. Many things have happened, and the first part of the film is catching up with all of them. Robin (Amy Christine) brings her friend Eliza (Femi Emiola), who is not part of the group. She also invites Gregg(Jordan Belfi) and Jacob(Cameron Zeidler), two brothers with a little bit of a troubled past, who have also come into a large fortune. They are joined by Cal (Bo Foxworth), Bo's wife Allison (Kelli Nordhus), and Robin's security guard brother Will (Gerald Hopkins), who still carries a torch for Katie.

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