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The Boston Audio Society P.O. Box 7 Boston, Massachusetts 02215


August 1973

The Boston Audio Society does not endorse or criticize products, dealers,

or services.

Opinions expressed herein reflect the views of their authors

and are for the information of members.

August meeting .

The next meeting of the B.A. S. will be held at

6 : 0 0 p . m . o n S u n d a y A u g u s t 1 9 i n B . U . ' s M y l e s S t a n d i s h H a l l a t 3 0 B a y S t a t e R o a d , o n e b l o c k b e l o w K e n m o r e S q u a r e . w h o i s d o i n g Mark Davis ,

advanced study at MIT in acoustics and psychoacoustics, will set up an array of sophisticated test equipment including a real-time spectral analyzer

fed by a calibrated microphone, a pink-noise generator, and a 1/3rd-octave

audio filter set.

With the aid of this laboratory Mark will discuss the

importance of such parameters as frequency response and phase response,

and will demonstrate such things as: the distribution of power versus frequency in various kinds of music; the response of speakers in a room environment; and the extent to which different-sounding speakers can be

made to sound alike by equalizing their response through 1/3rd-octave


Come early and stay late.

Activities lists .

Enclosed with this issue are the listings of

members who have indicated positive interest in various group activities. The listings, together with the BAS phone directory distributed in July, will provide you with the means of identifying and getting together with other BAS members who share your special interest. We encourage you to take the initiative now to invite fellow members to an informal listening,

discussion, evaluation, or planning session.

B.A.S. Publication .

This month's featured BAS article is a

foray into the thicket of speaker efficiency.

Did you know that in the

average stereo installation a sound pressure level of 90 dB will be produced with less than five watts per channel of amplifier power? The article is in part deliberately provocative, not to say pugnacious,

with the expectation that we can at least provoke discussion of the subject even if we cannot induce the industry to really change its policy of silence

on the relative efficiency of speakers.

Elections .

The September meeting of the BAS will be the Annual

General Meeting and will include the nomination and election of officers

for the following year.

Although nominations will be accepted from

the floor in September, we would like to list proposed nominees in the

September newsletter for members' consideration. So if you wish to nominate yourself or another for an office (and a job!), please let us know before the end of August.

Imported records .

David Letterman reports that the records

ordered from England have arrived and have been delivered to the members

who ordered them. The Record Importing Committee will place its next order when enough records are ordered to qualify for free shipping. See Dave to place your order; he has catalogs of British and European records. OCR from mimeographed copy: may contain errors

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