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For the last and most educational experiment of the day, Chuck Ange arranged six different mikes to record simultaneously on a multi- track recorder, as Jim Bryan performed varied compositions on classical guitar. On playback the differences among the six recordings (due to various mike characteristics and placement) were shockingly great — much greater than the differences in tonal character among the speakers, even though the mikes were all high-grade professional ones. Thus it was suggested that except for the audibly superior transparency of the full-range electrostatics, the conclusions drawn about the relative merits of loudspeakers were suspect because of the large effects which mike choice and placement can have on the recorded sound.

Two other conclusions were apparent. At no point was the record/playback sound realistic enough to confuse with the live sound. And many members found so much pleasure in the musical performances of Nancy Grant, Alan Grossman, Dennis Boyer, Gerhard Suhrstadt, and Jim Bryan, that they regretted stopping for the A/B comparisons.

Finally, the BAS owes special thanks to Chuck Ange and Rene Jeager for the personal effort and expense which they invested in hosting this BAS meeting.

Heath IM-17 portable FET-VOM. U s e d E q u i p m e n t f o r S a l e . M e a s u r e s D C v o l t a g e s f r o m 0 . 0 5 - 1 0 0 0 V , A C v o l t a g e s f r o m 0 . 2 - 1 0 0 0 V ,

resistances from 0.2 ohm to 100 Meg.

AC frequency response 10 Hz to

1 MHz. Input impedance 11 Meg DC, 1 Meg AC. Assembled, tested, and



Peter Mitchell.

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