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Using the Standard Form Snow

and Ice Maintenance Contract

Robert Kennaley

The Landscape Ontario Standard Form Snow and Ice Maintenance Contract is in two parts.  The first part, the “General Conditions,” contains terms and conditions that can generally apply to all projects.  The second part, the “Schedule A,” specifies the work to be performed and the manner by which the contractor is to be paid.  The Schedule A will generally vary from project to project.  

This summary is offered as a general review of the Standard Form Contract.  The review is only cursory in nature, however, and deals only with portions of the contract.  If you have any questions or concerns about how this contract might be applied in any particular circumstance, you are encouraged to seek independent legal advice in that regard.

The General Conditions

The Parties

The full and accurate names of the parties should be utilized.  Care should be taken to ensure that the proper name of corporate entities are referenced.  The “Contractor” is the party who will be performing the snow maintenance work.  The party who will pay for that work is defined as the “Owner.”  Actual ownership of the Premises, however, is not required.  (Article 7 requires that the “Owner” acknowledge that he has physical possession of, is responsible for and has control over the condition of the premises).

The Schedules

Schedule A is a necessary part of the Contract.  As discussed below, drawings and specifications should be added as additional Schedules.    The reference to Schedule C should be struck out only if a Schedule B is to be used for both drawings and specifications.


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