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Samira Juma’a

August 5, 2006 – Samira Juma’a, 33, of Arab al-Aramshe, was killed along with her mother, Fadaya (60) and her sister Sultana (31), when a Katyusha missile fired by Hizbullah terrorists exploded in their garden.

Fadaya Juma’a and her daughters were in the garden of their home in the Beduin village of Arab al-Aramshe, near the town of Shlomi in the Western Galilee, when a Katyusha rocket exploded next to them. All three were killed. The courtyard is next to a building with protected rooms, but its proximity to the Lebanese border made it impossible for air warning sirens to be sounded fast enough for the family to take cover.

Residents of the village said that Sultana had become engaged two months ago, and that her engagement was accompanied by much celebration in the village.

“We heard the explosion and when we arrived, we saw the massive damage.” said village resident Maza’al Muhammad. “The mother and her two daughters were lying next to each other, surrounded by blood. The emergency rescue personnel had only to confirm their deaths.”

The residents of the village are Beduin, but contribute fully to the protection of Israel. “The Juma’a family home was a symbol of co-existence,” said Muhammad. “It was build on the main street in the center of the village, and became a meeting place for any person who assed through. Under their tree, and on the swing in the yard, Druze, Muslims, Christians and Jews would sit together. Co-existence and peace were given true meaning in this home.”

“Our village is like one big family,” said Mofid Maza’al, who lives not far from the Juma’a family. “We all feel as if part of our bodies has been amputated, and we can’t believe that we will never see these three beloved people again. It is a great tragedy, that hasn’t even begun to set in yet.”

Immediately after the explosion, neighbors and relatives began to congregate in the courtyard and to collect debris – shoes, a towel, a cushion stained with blood. Aftewards, they began washing the area of the blood – the swing on which one of the daughters had been sitting, and the two chairs where the mother and the other daughter had been sitting were moved aside. Community elders and many neighbors began organizing mattresses

and chairs in the area in order to conduct the customary mourning period of the tribe.

The funeral procession was repeatedly delayed due to further missile salvos.


mourners ran for cover, people began shouting, “Enough already. They’ve killed three of our women, destroyed an entire family. They never stop.”

Samira Juma’a was buried alongside her mother and sister in Arab al-Aramshe. They are survived by Samira’s father, two sisters and brother.



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