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“World’s Tastiest Donut” Necklace

As seen in the 2007 Gemstone Ad Series

Created by: Selina Shehan

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40mm gemstone trillion donut, poppy jasper 6mm round gemstone beads, poppy jasper 4mm Swarovski® crystal faceted bicones, siam/aurora borealis 2x 4mm Swarovski crystal faceted bicones, siam 3mm Swarovski faceted round crystals, jet Size 1 crimp beads, silver plated 3mm crimp covers, sterling silver Interlock toggle clasp, sterling silver 0.024" 49-strand, Beadalon®, silver plated

Tools needed: Round-nose pliers, side cutters and/or side flush cutters

To make this design:

  • 1.

    Cut two 20" strands of Beadalon.

  • 2.

    String the donut onto one strand and fold the Beadalon in half so the donut sits in the center of the strand.

  • 3.

    String twelve 4mm bicones onto each end of the strand, alternating colors.

  • 4.

    Run both strands through a 6mm round gemstone bead and pull tight to hang the donut from the strand.

  • 5.

    Choose one side of the strand and string the following pattern: 4mm siam/aurora borealis 2x, 4mm siam, 3mm jet, 4mm siam, 4mm siam/aurora borealis 2x, 4mm siam, 3mm jet, 4mm siam, 4mm siam/aurora borealis 2x, 6mm round gemstone. Repeat this pattern four more times.

  • 6.

    On the remaining strand, string the following: 3mm jet, 4mm siam, 3mm jet, 4mm siam, 3mm jet, 6mm round gemstone.

  • 7.

    Then, repeat the following pattern five times: 3mm jet, 4mm siam, two 3mm jet, 4mm siam/aurora borealis 2x, two 3mm jet, 4mm siam, 3mm jet, 6mm round gemstone.

  • 8.

    Instead of stringing the final 6mm gemstone round at the end of the fifth pattern set, run the Beadalon through the 6mm gemstone round from the other strand.

  • 9.

    Hold the two strands together and slide on a crimp bead, two 3mm jet crystals, one end of the toggle clasp, and two more 3mm jet.

  • 10.

    Push the two strands back through the crimp bead, pull until snug (but leaving enough room for flexibility) and crimp.

  • 11.

    Trim excess Beadalon and cover with a crimp cover.

  • 12.

    Repeat steps 2 – 11 with the second 20" strand of Beadalon.

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