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d) Six words in the text are underlined. Put one of the words in each space (sentences are given, with spaces).

  • e)

    Read the story and then match the answers under B with questions under A (two columns A and B).

  • f)

    True/False: Read the sentences and write Yes or No after each. If you write No, make the sentence


  • g)

    Answer the questions.

  • h)

    Did you know?

  • i)

    General knowledge questions.

Grammar: New + contrasting old, basic on the context.


  • 1)

    Choosing from list and copying two true sentences about oneself. (i.e. completing skeleton sentences).

  • 2)

    Copying of selected/true of oneself sentences.

  • 3)

    Completing 2/3 sentences and writing them. (Tasks: a) Fill in gaps with logically correct words to state

true information about natural phenomena. b) Complete these sentences and make them true.3) Punctuation:

This regular exercise aims to help the learners understand and use correctly basic punctuation in their written work. We expect that, by the end of Setting out Part 3, they will be able to use correctly: capital letters (for first words and names of people and places), full stops, commas (in lists), exclamation marks, question marks, the singular possessive (’s) and the plural possessive (s’).

enis gamoyeneba praqtikuli miznebisTvis

1. Group work to gather information and whole class production. (Activity: Working together)

Example: Our class timetable: a) Go to the board and write the time and the subjects in their boxes. Then copy your class timetable in this form and put it in your workbooks.

b) Talk with your neighbour about your favourite lesson in the week. Then write 4 0r 5 sentences about it, using these ideas; My favourite lesson is the first/second/third/fourth/fifth/sixth lesson on (day). It is a(n) Math/History……. lesson. This lesson is my favourite one of the week because …………………

Then go to the board, put a X next to your favourite lesson, and tell the class what you have written.

erTi Temis farglebSi aqtivobebis Tanamimdevroba da detaluri aRwera


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