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A Walk Thru the Life of solomon

Adonijah invited key members of his constituency—royal courtiers and tribal leaders of Judah and Benjamin, his father’s power base—to a nearby spring and made ceremonial sacrifices to ask God’s blessing on his kingship.e ensuing feast would solidify the new king’s alliances.

But someone forgot to tell the king—that is,until the prophet Nathan and the king’s beloved wife Bathsheba realized what was happening.ey immediately hatched a plan to solicit David’s favor for Solomon, his son with Bathsheba. It was this son, not the oldest one, who had been called “beloved by God” (2 Sam. 12:24–25). It was this son to whom David had promised the throne. So the old king named Solomon his successor, ordered the ceremonial entry into Jerusalem on a mule, and invited Solomon to sit on his throne amid trumpet blasts and shouts of acclamation.e retinue would include the high priest, a high general, and foreign mercenary troops. e coronation would be much more official, if not more popular, than Adonijah’s feast at the spring.

LIke FATher, UnLIke Son

solomons rise to the throne of Israel was sudden. His father’s, however, took years. David was anointed king long before saul died; their rivalry resulted in David’s exile and saul’s relentless pursuit. David refused to force his way into his position, even when he had a golden opportunity to kill the reigning king. And the conflict extended beyond saul’s death. “The war between the house of saul and the house of David lasted a long time” (2 sam. 3:1), as the tribes of Israel wrestled with the decision of whether to follow David or a son of saul. Eventually, of course, god established David as king. And as is often the case, a father’s long labor gives his son an advantage. solomon only had to fight for the throne for a day.


A Walk Thru the Life of Solomon: Pursuinga Heart of Integrity, Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, © 2009. Used by permission.

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