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session 1: A Fruitful Legacy


When the Bible speaks of peace, it means more than simply the ab- sence of conflict. The Hebrew word shalom—related to solomons name (Shelomoh) and the name of Jerusalem (Yerushalaim)—also includes ful- fillment, wholeness, completeness, safety, and abundance. It’s an “all is well” satisfaction with life—exactly what solomon will describe in 5:4: “The Lord my god has given me rest on every side, and there is no adversary or disaster.” Under solomon, the kingdom of Israel will experience shalom for the first and perhaps only time in its history.

In less than a day, Adonijah went from almost-king to

almost-executed.rough the maneuverings of an inner circle of king’s allies, Israel made its first transition of power from a father to son. And the nation entered its golden age.

Power plays are almost always messy,even when they involve divinely chosen people and a sovereign God. Solomon’s birth itself came in the aftermath of a mess; he was the product of a marriage that only happened because David stole a man’s wife and had the man killed. It’s one of those examples of how God redeems our lives, even when we’ve done a royal job of messing t h e m u p . e y e a r s w e v e w a s t e d a r e n t a c t u a l l y a w a s t e i n h i economy. s

Conspiracies: 1 Kings 1

ocus: 1 Kings 1:24–31

  • e palace intrigue involved in Solomon’s ascent to the throne

hints of two stories from Genesis: (1) the rivalry between Cain and Abel, in which only one brother could live; and (2) the ri-


A Walk Thru the Life of Solomon: Pursuinga Heart of Integrity, Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, © 2009. Used by permission.

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