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supreme; therefore get wisdom.ough it cost all you have, get understanding.Esteem her,and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will honor you. She will set a garland of grace on your head and present you with a crown of splendor.”

  • ose are words to live by,which is exactly what Solomon did

for much of his life. But he wasn’t consistent in following his own advice.He forgot those words,ignored them,or intention- ally rebelled against them at times, and the consequences were painful. Late in life, he became bitter, disillusioned, lethargic, depressed, and apathetic.

  • e biblical information we have on Solomon comes from

1 Kings 1–11 (the primary narrative for this study); 2 Chronicles 1–9; Proverbs; Ecclesiastes; and Song of Songs. e passages from Kings and Chronicles are written about him in the third person, while much of Proverbs was written and compiled by him. Ecclesiastes does not name its author, but internal evi- dence points to Solomon. And he is associated with the Song of Songs in its first verse.

  • emes

  • e story of this king has a noticeable symmetry.With a humble

heart, he inherited a great kingdom from his father, displayed remarkable wisdom from God, governed a glorious period of growth and prosperity,was recognized for his glory,was lavishly honored for his wisdom, and then left a broken kingdom to his son. It’s the story of a rise and fall, of wisdom and foolishness, of God’s kingdom and human kingdoms, and of power and weakness. Solomon is a complex character in whom the ups and downs common to all of us are magnified to epic propor- tions. He’s a valuable case study in how to obey God and how


A Walk Thru the Life of Solomon: Pursuinga Heart of Integrity, Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, © 2009. Used by permission.

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