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consultant if he/she has an arrangement with the hospital. Otherwise you are treated by another consultant in a private hospital in Ireland or in the UK.


The treatment is free to you. It is paid for by the NTPF who pay the private hospitals directly.

If you have to travel outside the State, the NTPF arranges the travel and pays all the costs involved. This includes the costs of a family member or friend to accompany you. Your travel to and from the airport is arranged and you are met when you arrive in the UK. The fund can also help with travel arrangements within Ireland if you have problems – you should tell the liaison officer if you have a problem.

After your treatment, your GP may be able to look after your medical needs but arrangements are made for any follow-up treatment by the treating hospital if this is necessary.

It is intended that the NTPF will negotiate with private nursing homes for the implementation of the “Fair Deal on Nursing Home Care”, the proposed new Nursing Home Support Scheme. (The “Fair Deal” was described in the January 2006 issue of Relate but legislation to implement it has not been published and the scheme will not be implemented until 2009 at the earliest.) In order to avail of the scheme, people will have to use those nursing homes which have negotiated prices with the NTPF.

The National Treatment Purchase Fund

Ashford House

Tara St

Dublin 2

Lo-call 1890 720 820


Hospital treatment abroad

In certain circumstances the HSE may cover the costs of hospital treatment abroad.

EU/EEA countries

You may have an entitlement under EU rules to get such treatment in another EU member state or in an EEA member state or Switzerland. The rules on entitlement to hospital treatment in another EU or EEA country are set out in EU Regulations 1408/71, 574/72 and 2000/83 as amended. These rules apply in each member state.

These regulations provide that you may be referred to another member state for treatment in certain circumstances. The referral must come from the HSE.

The effect of the regulations is that you may not be refused an authorisation for hospital treatment in another member state if:

The treatment in question is among the benefits provided for in Irish legislation and

You cannot be given this treatment within the time normally necessary for getting it in Ireland taking account of your current state of health and the probable course of the disease

It should be noted that any member state may grant authorisations for treatment in another member state on a much wider basis. The regulation only stipulates when such authorisations may not be refused, it does not lay down the limits to when they may be granted.

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