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November 2003Page 10REALBOOK NEWS Issue 14

Oxford University Press               Paperback           ISBN 0-19-279121-4        £4.99


Groovy illustrations introduce an ABC of animals. But naming the animals in alphabetical order is not all. There is something more to say about each animal. This is a fun way to get over the difficulty of learning ABC when you are an older Primary School child.

Inside Mary Elizabeth’s House   Author-Illus Pamela Allen P/Level 1b

Puffin    Paperback  ISBN 0-14-056711-9 £4.99 www.puffin.com.au

On Monday morning, on the way to school, Mary Elizabeth said to the boys, There’s a monster at my house. Award winning Pamela Allen’s books have earned classic status through their enduring popularity. This is just another of her outstanding stories illustrated with her remarkably detailed outlined drawings.

We don’t believe you the boys said. They don’t believe me she said.

On Tuesday morning she repeated the same story and began to describe the monster’s blood shot eyes and sharp pointy teeth. He’s rough and he’s rowdy and he jumps on my bed.

We don’t believe you, the boys said. On Wednesday …On Thursday and still the boys didn’t believe her so she invited them to her house for dinner. Knock! Knock! Knock! What’s for dinner? Mary Elizabeth smiled her sweet smile. Come in she said and see……. Now they believe me she said

This story gives you a change to use the days of the week, time and numbers in a natural way. It also gives children an opportunity to think and even draw ‘The Monster that might live at their friend’s house’! This story stimulates different reactions, especially from girls imagining themselves to be Mary.

Oxford First Rhyming Dictionary  Illus John Foster     P/Level 1b

Oxford University Press   Paperback   ISBN o-19-910924-9£6.99

When Mum picks up her bag, Our dog’s tail starts to wag Back and forth like a flag.

The importance of rhymes in understanding the sounds that make up words cannot be under estimated. Recent research stresses the importance of knowing rhymes as a basis to all work in reading with phonics. This Rhyming Dictionary is something special, as it gives children time to browse over all the rhyming sounds, see them in rhyming words and then, the bonus, enjoy the rhyme that goes with the sounds. Colourful pictures help to confirm the meaning of the rhymes. Children soon pick-up the rhymes and love to auto-dictate them; a fun way to learn spelling.

The magician flicks his wand, Clicks his fingers, And out of his empty hat he picks, Six fluffy little chicks.

These simple rhymes can provide a starting point for writing rhymes as a class activity. Certainly the dictionary will come in useful for checking rhyming word families.

All Kinds of Feelings Illustrator Emma BrownjohnP/Level 1b

TangoNovelty/HardbackISBN 1-85707-596-X £8.99

Another winner in the lift-the-flap multicultural series by Tango Publishers following on from All Kinds of People (Issue 7) and All Kinds of Bodies (Issue 13). Through reading and looking at the pictures in this book children will have a chance to recognise some of their own feelings and begin to understand that they are normal and acceptable and that other people also have the same sort of feelings (Reading about Feelings Feature Article Issue 9)

Sometimes we feel happy. Sometimes we feel sad. Sometimes we feel friendly. Sometimes we feel good about ourselves .But other times we feel ashamed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Somedays we feel like tidying the room …..

Sometimes we feel we want to be very busy. Other times we want to chill out.

Sometimes we want to see our friends Other times we want to be alone. Sometimes we feel angry with our family…….

Everyone has feelings. Feelings can be very different from day to day. Open the flower and read the message on each of the 6 petals Its good to talk about your feelings to friends and family. And finally

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