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November 2003Page 11REALBOOK NEWS Issue 14

play the feeling Game on the last page. A great book that helps children explore feelings in a natural way. It also   helps children to find out how to read other people’s feelings by their facial expressions. Through this book you can give children an opportunity to read and talk about their feelings openly and this can change their relationship with you as teacher and their friends.

A Cat and a Dog    Author- Claire Masurel  Illus: Bob Kolar                P/Level 1a

North-SouthPaperback    ISBN 0-7358-1780-4          £4.99

Written by the author of Ten Dogs in the Window (Issue 7) this story is about a dog and cat who lived in the same house but were sworn enemies. They fought over everything and always played on their own. Chewing, chasing, rolling, catching. Then one day something terrible happened. OH, NO! There was absolutely nothing they could do. Nothing? Well there was something and the result was that now they are the best of friends. A simple story, simply told about how all of us need good friends and how stupid it is to quarrel over little things. The beautifully designed spreads with cartoon-like images of the cat and a dog are inspirational to children who soon try to copy them. Easy-to-read text, which children soon pick-up and know by heart. A good addition to any classroom Book Corner.

House of Inventions Author-Illus: Robert Crowther P/Level 2`

WalkerNovelty/Hardback ISBN 0-7445-6193-0 £12.99

Hundred’s of fabulous facts about where you live this book takes you through the five basic living rooms in all western homes the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom and the garage telling you on flaps up when the most important things were invented.

The first kitchens date back to prehistoric times when man prepared food over an open fire.

The final spread lists Some of the inventions that changed our lives dividing them into columns.

Winnie’s New Computer  Author Valerie Thomas Illus: Korky Paul     P/Level 2

Oxford University Press     Hardback   ISBN 0-19-279129-X£10.99


For Winnie The Witch fans this is story No 5 about Winnie and her cat Wilbur. Winnie is keeping up with the times; she now has new computer that is Magic. Winnie plugged in the computer, turned it on, and clicked the mouse. Come on, mouse, she said.

Is that a mouse? thought Wilbur. It doesn’t look like one.

Winnie went on to the internet, I want to order a new wand! said Winnie. She ordered her new wand and then she visited www.funnywitches.com. They had some very funny jokes. As the day went on Winnie became more and more satisfied with her computer. She even went as far as to scan her spells into it and throw her Book of Spells into the dustbin. But that night things went wrong. While Winnie was sleeping, Wilbur went into the computer room to play with the mouse and accidentally turned on the computer. What did Winnie discover when she came down for breakfast next morning? An excellent story for computer literate Primary children and teachers too, as they will understand the story and sympathise with Winnie’s computer dramas. For children who have experience with computers and know about computer language the story text is easy to understand and useful, too. Korky Paul’s illustrations are true to style; detailed, humorous and full of imaginative ideas.


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