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November 2003Page 6REALBOOK NEWS Issue 14

carried in the detailed pictures making this a good book for the first lessons in English.

Find-a-Saurus      Author Mark Sperring Illus A Steele-Morgan       NP/Level 2

Chicken House Hardback ISBN 1-903434-94-2                     £10.99

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This book by a new author and illustrator will appeal to any child interested in Dinosaurs. Marty is crazy about Dinosaurs and says he wants to go for a stroll with a Stegosaurus … have burger and chips with a Brachiosaurus and watch TV with a Tyrannosaurus! Although his mother has told him that dinosaurs no longer exist, Marty feels there must be some dinosaurs somewhere. I think they’re just in hiding. So Marty started to look everywhere under the bed, in the bathroom cabinet, under the table, in the lily pond, in the garden shed, then he found an enormous footprint. Whose was it? Well it wasn’t a dinosaur’s. May be one day I’ll find one ….. I just know I will said Marty. A tale about never giving up accompanied by vibrant colourful illustrations including a fold-out dragon spread.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

In the Dark, Dark, Wood  Illustrated Jessica Souhami       N/P Level 1a

Frances Lincoln Paperback ISBN 0-7112-1692-4   £5.99

A shortened version of the traditional rhyme illustrated with colourful, clear illustrations that are likely to stimulate children’s imagination and creative ideas.

Im going to tell you a really spooky story, so listen carefully to me …….

In the dark, dark wood,/ There was a dark, dark house, Hoo-hoo-hoo! Haa-haa-haa! Although you cannot open the front door, lift-up-flaps make it possible for the reader to open the ground floor, first floor and attic windows and see the frightening animals waiting for them! Turn the page and you are into the dark, dark room and then turn over again to the dark, dark cupboard, then the dark, dark shelf and turn again to find the box on that shelf and finally on the last page you find the ghost who lives in the box. Watch out for the scary hand that beckons you on each page. Children enjoy joining in the chorus  Hoo-hoo-hoo Haa-haa-haa from the first time you read it aloud and soon pick up the repetitive language. A fun book for browsing over and short enough for children to copy to make their own books, with or without the flaps, but with the scary white hand that beckons you on each spread.

Rosie’s Walk    Author- Illustrator  Pat Hutchins       N/P Level 1a

Mini Treasures Paperback        ISBN 0-09-945673-7£1.50


This is a mini-picture book edition of the well-known classic by award-winning Pat Hutchins. First published in 1968, this children’s pocket sized book costs only £1.50 – less than many birthday cards…… This is the story of Rosie, a beautiful brown and yellow hen. Rosie, the hen went for a walk. (Turn the page) across the yard, (turn the page) around the pond ….over the haystack ….past the mill….through the fence …..under the beehives and all this time she was so confident she never  looked round to see if any one was following her. On each spread a sly old Fox manages to gets closer to Rosie and the reader might think that on the final spread Rosie will being gobbled up by the Fox, but no! Rosie got back in time for dinner. The very detailed illustrations show what really happened. This easy-to-pick-up text, rich in prepositions of place, makes this a great story for children who know about country-life and bees!

My nose, your nose Author-Illustrator Melanie Walsh      N/P Level 1a

Picture CorgiPaperbackISBN 0-552-54766-2 £5.99

Melanie Walsh introduces the reader to children of about the same age but from different racial back grounds comparing sensitively their differences and similarities and making readers appreciative of their own individuality.  

Arthur’s hair is brown and straight. Kit’s hair is black and curly. But…. they both hate washday! showing them side by side with their hair full of shampoo.

Arthur’s nose turns up as Arthur sniffs a piece of cake. Agnes’s nose turns down. But…..  they both like the smell of chocolate cake! – showing them by a chocolate birthday cake.

Agnes has blue eyes. Kit’s eyes are brown. Arthur has grey eyes. Daisy’s eyes are green. But …..they all close their eyes when they go to sleep and the final spread shows all 4 children fast asleep in the same bed. A sensitive introduction to the names of parts of the face and body, which children enjoy.

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