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November 2003Page 7REALBOOK NEWS Issue 14

I know a RhinoAuthor-Illustrator Charles Fuge  N/PLevel1b

Gullane Children’s BooksPaperback       ISBN 1-86233-485-4 £4.99

A fun, animal adventure in easy-to-pick-up rhyme by an award-winning illustrator. This is a story of a child who has his own fun with a selection of animals including a rhino, a pig, an ape, a hippo, a dragon, a giraffe, a bear and a leopard.

I know a Hippo and when she’s not bus,/We spin round and round until we get dizzy

I know a Leopard who loves fancy dress,/A suit and a tie and a top hat looks best. But how does he know them so well?

These are my friends I know them, you see/ I know them quite well ….and we see them all going up stairs and then turn the page …. Because they live with me and there they all are asleep with him but instead of being real animals that were going up the stairs, they are the little child’s soft cuddly toys!

Many younger primary children’s soft toys are still to be found on their beds…..  this could be why this story appeals to them, too!

Go Away Mr Wolf! Author Mathew Price  Illus Atsuko Morozumi       N/P Level 1b

Mathew Price    Paperback  ISBN 1-84248-052-9           £4.99

Two original interactive stories for young children in the same book. The first with doors to be opened tells a new version of the Three Little Pigs. Anyone for ice cream? said a furry friendly voice from outside the door. Open the door and you find Mr Wolf standing there disguised as an Ice cream seller. Go away, Mr Wolf, said the three little pigs. And they quickly shut the door. Next time Mr Wolf appeared as a driver with a smart car and so the story unfolds until there is a different voice at the door, An body home? and the three little pigs open the door to find their father standing there.

The second is an action counting story about The Old Alligator who snapped up three little ducks, one by one. However, an elephant passing by, dealt with the alligator in a most amusing way. Appropriate hand actions accompany this easy-to-pick-up fun story ideal for a class show.

Super Dooper Jezebel      Author/Illustrator Tony Ross        N/P Level 1b

Anderson Press    Paperback ISBN 1-84270-096-0                £4.99 www:andersonpress.co.uk

Her name is Jezebel but she is called Super Dooper Jezebel, because she does everything super dooper perfectly. May be you already know a super dooper child?

Jezebel was always super doper neat. She always keeps her room tidy. At school, she was the best at everything. She could do up buttons and tie up real bows on her lace-ups. She ate up all her meals AND she never picked her nose (See Dirty Bertie Issue 13)

Jezebel told other children not to do things …. because it was nice to be perfect. But one day the other children saw danger when Jezebel did not. Although they called out to her, Come on, Jezebel… She replied You mustn’t run, it’s against the rules! I ALWAYS walk nicely! And she continued on her way.

A crocodile has escaped from the Zoo the children shouted as they ran away. CLUMP! It was too late and now there was no more Super Doper Jezebel to tell children how to behave. This soft approach to     good manners and bad behaviour supported by humorous outline drawings provides a useful lead into discussions on ways of doing the same things, but in different cultures.  `

The Animals went in two by two.  Illustrator Jan Pienkowski          N/PLevel1b

Walker Books  Novelty/Hardback           ISBN 0-7445-9267-4£9.99

If you don’t know this traditional song, which has been slightly adapted, it’s worth learning it from the words with music on the back cover. You’ll have great fun singing it together whilst playing with the  flap-ups, pull-downs, wheels and paper sculptures that make this an exciting interpretation of the story of Mr and Mrs Noah and their crew of animals who all went into the Ark for to get out of the rain. The story is not just about getting into the ark. Once the animals are on the ark what did they do?  The animals went in four by four. The great stegosaurus stuck in the door and how did Mrs Noah

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