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November 2003Page 8REALBOOK NEWS Issue 14

cope with that situation? The animals went in six by six. The bears and the monkey played all sorts of tricks and pull down the flap to find the monkey guzzling bananas, whilst Mr Noah slips on a banana skin and a camel watches with a wry smile wearing a cute hat made out of a banana skin. There is so much to this book from identifying which four animals went into the Ark together to finding out which animals hung up their socks to dry on the line. A great book, Hoorah! Hoorah! and If you want any

more you can sing it again. Ideal for a puppet show or an end of term concert.

Conjuror Cow  Author Julia Davidson Illustrator Nick Sharratt NP/Level Ib

Puffin Novelty/PaperbackISBN 0-14-056848-4 £4.99


Everyone’s waiting. The lights have gone low. So open the curtains…. (turn the half flap to add suspense) … and on with show! Join the animals in the audience and wait for Conjuror Cow’s magnificent magic show to begin. Abracadabra and Rat-a-tat-tat! I can make a white rabbit…. (turn the half page)…come out of this hat. But oh dear, no white rabbit popped out of the top hat, but a bunch of flowers instead. Abracadabra excuse my mistake. I’ll make that white rabbit ……turn the half page) come out of this cake! But no white rabbit! Twice more Conjuror Cow tried and finally the audience shouted Open your cloak Conjuror Cow.  Yes! Open it now! And Conjuror Cow did and guess what was inside. Lots of white rabbits taking a bow!  A delightful well rounded story told in easy to understand rhyming language by award- winning Julia Davidson. Nick Sharrat’s fun illustrations create the feeling of theatre showing how the animal audience reacts to each scene. A wonderful beginning from which individual or class drama can develop naturally, if encouraged with a few simple props.

12 BOOKS for Primary (back cover)

Animal Fair Author- Illus: Anthony Browne P/Level 1b

Walker     Novelty/Hardback ISBN 0-7445-8829-4£12.99p

The Award-winning artist Anthony Browne has enriched this traditional story rhyme with every known trick in paper engineering giving the reader all sorts of humorous surprises making the story come alive.

I went to the animal fair./The birds and the beast were there/.The big baboon by the light of the moon/ Was combing his auburn hair. The monkey fell out of his bunk/ And slid down the elephant’s trunk,/The elephant sneezed Ahhhh Chooo!/And fell on his knees,/And what became of the monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey……?

Music inside the front cover makes this into a song suitable for end of term shows or just having fun in class. This is an exciting book to play with and browse over the detailed colourful illustrations that give the atmosphere of a traditional Fair Ground with the usual rides. The short text makes it ideal for older Primary children beginning English and especially those who may find not being able to speak English slightly frustrating. (Issue 10)  A word of warning – the paper pop-ups, turn rounds, pull outs need careful handling as they are fragile, but they are great fun.

Skeleton Hiccups   Author Margery Cuyler Illus: S.D/Schindler P/Level 1a

Simon & Schuster Pocket Books Paperback ISBN 0-743-46210-6£4.99   www.simonsays.co.uk

This story is about a skeleton who had hiccups hic, hic, hic hiccups and wanted to get rid of it. He brushed his teeth, hic, hic, hic. Carved a pumpkin, hic, hic, hic .Played with a ghost. Ghost told skeleton, Hold your breath. Eat some sugar. Drink some water But still the skeleton could not get rid of his hiccups. Then the ghost got clever. Found a mirror. Held it up and guess what happened and how? A great book if skeletons are acceptable in local society and you yourself are into skeletons. Simple text in narrative past, frightening, clear spooky illustrations that are likely to please boys and make them feel that learning English is cool after all!

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