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November 2003Page 9REALBOOK NEWS Issue 14

The Hairy Book        Author-Illustrator Babette ColeP/Level 1a

Red Fox            Paperback  ISBN 0-09-943425-3£4.99


Award winning Babette Cole gives us another taste of her special ludicrous insight to life. Her humorous text supported by her detailed outline drawings are sure to amuse most Primary kids and especially boys as it is a little boy who recounts his encounters – nice and peculiar – with hair.

Hair, hair, all kinds of hair. Hair on your head… and hair elsewhere……. And so he lists and records through hysterically detailed illustrations all the funny and unexpected places in which he encounters hair or hairy things.

Hairy socks and hairy shirts, Hairy nice and hairy scary…….Hairy fruit and hairy bread…. Hairy things beneath the bed, Hairy big and hairy small and after all that he sums up his own hairy situation taking off his little woollen hat to show that he has no hair at all. Read it to see if this made him glad or sad! A great book for stimulating dialogue and creativity.

Let’s look at families  Author Barbara Hunter P/Level 1a

Heinemann LibraryPaperbackISBN 0-431-16258-1   £4.99

You may find that older children find that having to learn names for members of their family slightly boring. This book cleverly relates family names to famous paintings and sculpture introducing families from around the world. Through the dimension of photographs of art children can broaden their interests and creativity. The simple text encourages the reader to look more carefully at the painting.

This Mummy and child is carved out of stone. (Maternity by Henry Moore 1924)

This family asked the artist to paint a picture of them. (The Capel Family by Cornelius Johnson c 1640) There were no cameras when this was painted.

A good book to have in a Book Corner as children will enjoy returning again and again to browse over the pictures.

Colours in Nature - Red       Author Lisa Bruce P/Level 1a

Heinemann LibraryPaperbackISBN 0-431-17235-8   £4.99

A wonderful cross curricular experience that should stimulate creativity! Through exploring the natural world in photographs the reader is exposed to Red food, Red for danger, Red in Autumn, Red in Winter ,Red flowers, Red rocks, Red sky and Changing colour- strawberries changing from Green to Red

This series also covers Blue, Green and Yellow. The beauty of the photographs is impressive and should make children more conscious of their environment. A good way for older children to learn colour names, which often they find boring.

The First Day at School  Author-Illustrator Yvonne Jagtenberg P/Level 1b

Cat’s Whiskers (Watts)   Hardback   ISBN 1-9030125-62 £4.99

Originally written in Dutch then translated into English, this book about a boy’s first day at school will help children relive some of their own experiences. The outlined crayon drawings convey great feeling in their simplicity. Children find them easy to decode and many may want to copy them.

The teacher introduced him. This is Leo. He’s new. All the children looked at Leo. Leo thought he would like to go home. A girl took him by the hand. Leo wasn’t sure about this.

Then it was time for gym. They had to get undressed. Leo wanted to keep his clothes on.

Then they sang Little Red Riding Hood. Today Leo can be the wolf.

And Little Red Riding Hood sang: I’m not afraid of the big, bad wolf, I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid!

But They were all afraid of the wolf. All except Leo. He wasn’t afraid. Although Leo wanted to be the wolf again, the other children wanted to play with Leo and not the wolf. Through this story you can get inside a classroom and see what happens and discuss the similarities with and differences from your own situation. Make sure that children know the story of Little Red Riding Hood in their home language before you read the book.

Groovy animal a b cbang on the door    NP/Level  1a

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