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worked on and the results will available in the near future:

Common Definitions in Fire Programs:   The Forest Service and Department of the Interior (DOI) are working to establish common definitions for work accomplished by the land management agencies/bureaus.  A matrix of fire positions in both agencies was developed this spring to ensure consistency in FAIR Act Inventory coding.

Joint Studies with DOI:  The Agency has a charter in place with DOI and USDA.  We (DOI and FS) are currently seeking Congressional clarification on which activities will be focus areas and concurrence on how we will proceed this fiscal year.  DOI remains very interested in joint studies for fire management and engineering programs and the Agency sees the approved Green Plans (FS and DOI) as a place to begin those discussions.  

USDA Green Plan:  The USDA Green Plan has not been approved and therefore cannot be shared at this time.  USDA did achieve “Green” status this last quarter on the PMA Scorecard, so the actual approved Green Plan is anticipated soon.

DOI Green Plan:  The Agency does have access to DOI’s Green Plan.  It may be accessed through the DOI website at http://www.doi.gov/perfmgt/competitivesourcing/.  

Key Points and Take Home Messages:  

Competitive sourcing is a proven tool.  It can help the Forest Service improve organizational efficiency.  The goals and objectives of the Forest Service efforts have not changed:


Increase the cost effectiveness of Forest Service work,


Position the Forest Service to effectively compete to do the work,


Treat Forest Service employees with sensitivity when organizational changes are implemented, and,


Avoid unintended consequences from complex processes employed on the way to improved cost effectiveness.

Agency management is committed to communicating with all employees as activities move forward.  The frequency and nature of the communication will be based on decision points, milestones and significant developments.  

Agency management will continue to work in partnership to ensure labor management concerns are addressed.  

Even if the Forest Service didn’t have the President’s Management Agenda, the Agency would still have a responsibility to perform at peak efficiency.  That responsibility extends from taxpayers who entrust the Forest Service to use tax dollars wisely to manage the land we protect.  The Agency will be

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November 8, 2006

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