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will advertised for 60 days.  As mentioned previously, the performance decision is expected in April 2007.

We originally estimated that this study would include the work of approximately 133 full-time equivalents (FTEs) and that approximately 801 positions may be impacted. The estimates are being refined based on the final PWS.  Employees performing duties that are considered within the scope of the competition should have received notification letters. The lists of potentially impacted employees will go out to the regions soon for validation and certification. Actual impacts to individual positions cannot be assessed until the performance decision is announced.

It will be necessary to conduct additional data calls as the MEO team refines their information gathered to date and assesses additional data needs.  It is imperative to the success of the study implementation that complete and correct data be used in the study process.  If work and/or positions that may be considered within the scope of the competition are not identified and included in the PWS, it will not be possible to continue that work either in-house or by contract when the study is implemented.  The MEO must identify where the necessary expertise resides in order to craft its offer in response to the PWS.

The Executive Sponsor for this efficiency study is Deputy Chief Hank Kashdan; the Project Lead is Jennifer Plyer; and the Competitive Sourcing Technical Resource is Betsy Walatka.  The Communication Study website at http://fsweb.wo.fs.fed.us/pao/cs/ contains the most up-to-date information about the competition.

Feasibility Studies:

Aviation and Other Airborne Activities:  This feasibility study is ongoing and the draft feasibility study report is presently undergoing final revisions. The Management Steering Team will be briefed in early December and recommendations will be vetted with field management immediately afterward.  The current timeline targets completion by the end of December 2006 and initiation of recommendations beginning in January, 2007.

The Executive Sponsor for this efficiency study is Deputy Chief Jim Hubbard; the Project Lead is Bob Kuhn; and the Competitive Sourcing Technical Resource is Betsy Walatka.

NEPA Feasibility Study:  The NEPA feasibility study is in the planning phase and will be underway shortly. The Director of Ecosystem Management, Susan Yonts-Shepard is working to formalize the study team.  The study will be conducted in accordance with USDA Feasibility Study direction.  It will assess the current volume of work, the organizational infrastructure, potential impact on the Agency’s workforce, what is currently being contracted, service/product standards and performance measures, a market analysis of private industry, other agencies approaches to NEPA, a cost-benefit analysis and recommendations regarding the

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November 8, 2006

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