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appropriate to protect the interests identified in the Ordinance.


If the Permit is denied, it shall be for one or more of the following reasons:


for failure to meet the requirements of the Ordinance;


for failure to submit necessary information or plans requested by the Commission;


for failure to meet design specifications, performance standards or other requirements in these Regulations;


for failure to avoid or prevent unacceptable or cumulative effects upon the wetland interests protected by the Ordinance; or  


where no conditions are adequate to safeguard the wetland interests protected by the Ordinance.


A permit shall be valid for the time specified by the Commission, not longer than three years from date of issuance.


The Permit shall be signed by a majority of the Commission and shall be mailed or hand delivered to the Applicant, his agent or the owner of record.


A copy of the application, plans and supporting documents describing the work and the Permit shall be kept on file by the Commission and shall be available to the public at reasonable hours.


Prior to the commencement of any work permitted or required by the Permit, the Permit shall be recorded by the applicant in the Registry of Deeds and/or the Land Court for the district in which the land is located within the chain of title of the affected property.  In the case of recorded land, the Permit shall also be noted in the Registry's Grantor Index under the name of the owner of the land upon which the proposed work is to be done.  Certification of recording shall be sent to the issuing authority. If work is undertaken without the applicant first recording the Permit, the issuing authority may issue an Enforcement Order or may itself record the Permit.


For good cause the Commission may revoke or modify a Permit issued under this Ordinance after public notice and public hearing, and notice to the holder of the Permit.


The Commission in an appropriate case may combine the Permit or other action on an application issued under the Ordinance with the Order of Conditions issued under the Act.

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