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The Largest ICT Conglomerate & Prime Education Provider in Bangladesh.

Daffodil Multimedia products at a glance:                                                     

DigiBangla (Country's First Digital Magazine):  Daffodil Multimedia begins it's walk through DigiBangla-Country's First Digital Magazine. DigiBangla consists of some significant events local and international as well as the others news on Information Technology, sports, entertainment (Cinema, Hollywood, Bollywood, Dhallywood, TV, Theater), Art & Culture, Software, Games, MP-3 collection, Fashion, are available in DigiBangla. It is a unique combination of Video, Audio, Text, Graphics and Image with information and entertainment. DigiBangla is available in local and international market.

Orko-A Bangla Interface: To get rid of the disgusting conditions of learning and typing Bangla one can easily use Orko software. It is very difficult to memorize all the button of the keyboard related to Bangla Alphabet. Because there are various types of keyboard lay out are available in the market. But Orko is such a software which can anybody easily use. In this software anybody who desire to type Bangla can use the English Keyboard. One will have to compose Bangla word in English according to the pronunciation using the keyboard. Suppose you want to write "Amar ". You will have to compose continuously Amar and then press Space Bar it will be turned into Amar. To compose Bangla Type what can be the easiest like Orko software.

Daffodil Talking Dictionary (English to Bengali):  Daffodil Talking Dictionary (English to Bengali) is the easiest solution English words meaning in Bengali with perfect spelling and pure pronunciation. More over it saves users time. This is because users need not to go into the main interface. To know the Bengali meaning of an English word just blocking that word and pressing F9 is enough.

Daffodil Kids Dictionary: This is a Dictionary comfortable for the Children. The dictionary contains English word with pure pronunciation and it's Bangla Word Meaning. Each word contains one or two Bangla and English sentences and splendid animation which will easily draw the children attention and make them interesting to learn. By this dictionary the children will learn English word and their Bangla Meaning and their application through sentences in Both environment in Bangla and English. So, undoubtedly this dictionary is very much effective for both Bangla and English medium students.

Daffodil Reader: Daffodil Reader” by hearing the name one can easily guess that this is a software which itself reads. Really, this is a software which can read out any text whatever you select on the Computer Monitor. It will read out you page after page without tireless. Suppose you have selected a word or a lot of pages. Then move the cursor to the top of the monitor then find a dialogue box written inside "Read". The click into “Read " button and you will hear reading of the text with pure pronunciation. Even you can control voice speed and you can hear the text with different voices. So the necessity of Daffodil Reader is must.

Daffodil Dictionary (Bengali to English): Daffodil Talking Dictionary is the easiest solution English words meaning in Bengali with perfect spelling and pure pronunciation. More over

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