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The Largest ICT Conglomerate & Prime Education Provider in Bangladesh.

On call Service Support

Some times you may be in a problem with your system to get services. You can call us over telephone, fax and obtain our service at your premises. If possible we will fix your system at your location. The response time is 3 (Three) hours within Dhaka city.

PC Assembling

If you want to have a new computer at a cheap price, just by the required parts from the market and bring to us. We will assemble your computer to save your money as well as assurance of good quality.

Virus Cleaning, Data Recovery

Due to piracy we always face lot of virus attack that disrupted our daily activities and destroy our data and program. Our skilled teams are ready to serve you any kinds of virus cleaning with original and latest antivirus software. Our team already proved their efficiency to recovery data when CIH virus effected and lot of other successful recovery of data in our last operation.  

PC Hardware and Software Installation

Our engineers are available to install hardware or software in your computer at reasonable price as per your choice.

Network Installation and Maintenance

Networks under Windows NT, Novell, and peer-to- peer environment it covers physical network  (cabling, hubs, switches, etc.) installation /Configuration of network, initial Network Administration, workstation configuration and connection etc. We are ready to set up any kinds of networking solution in your premises or one office to another.

Internet Connection

You can contact us for your e-mail and Internet connection. We will choose best ISP provider in dial up, Broadband, Wireless, and Lease line. We will give your email solution by yourname@yourcompany.com or org or net etc.


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